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kiwi hc player

60 wiz
59 dh
56 barb

If anyone needs any help with anything add me or msg me and if i'm not in the middle of anything ill tri and help Tyetye#6939
SC for me tonight :(
So last night I decided to do some HC AH'ing to get my wiz ready for Belial.
3/4 items all good. New hat - can't get to my stash. Oh well, was only 20k gold. Risk I took when servers were still playing up.
This morning I log in and it's there. Whew!
Anyone online and wanna play??
Im in a2 nm on my monk and barb atm
Hey another Anzac HC player although am dabbling a bit back in SC after 1.04 and discovering the fun of a ww/sprint build :)

56 Barb and 36 Monk on HC atm Klanks#1340
would love to

52 WD and rising
A good weekend. No deaths. 4 HC classes all on L45 and the DH is L35 and catching up.
Jack-of-all-trades and master of none.

No P/Levelling - just playing through every quest and clearing every map.

Don't care if it's 'inefficient". If I wanted to be efficient, I'd be working, not playing.
Had a good weekend hit 60 in HC for the first time.
Then managed to successfully progress to the skeleton king and kill him and all the elites before him on inferno :-).
Many thanks to Tyetye and TDA101 for there help.
Sup Xtreme, yeah good weekend. Thanks to Tyetye for the leveling. GC
Level 60 Wiz ftw!! Finally.
Hi fellas,
How's the community with hc? Many Aussies on regularly?
I am now geared for act 2!. Won't take it on just yet since I'll be busy but check out the gear!

Got the right ring for 2.5 I didnt think i'd win it without any competition lol.
Level 45 on all 5 now - and purely by accident my DH had 666 DEX



Oops, got too cocky.
RIP Wiz L45. Arcane Waller on a light bridge in Kulles archives.
No "get out of jail" skill on the bar.
Murphy's Law, I just cleaned out my stash of most of my low level lvling gear.
Maybe you should re-roll and name him/her Murphy :)
Ha, no, that would be narcissistic (wink).
Hey Smurfy add me if you like Klanks#1340

Maybe we can roll some demons co-op some time :)
Madgha down. I hate bees. Back to act 1 farming mode.
...I hate bees...

A universal truth.
How is it that our heroes can face off against the lords of hell without fear but if we see a trio of sand wasps spitting their young at us from all angles? Get us outta here.

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