Wicked wind & acid cloud (nerf?)

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People are complaining about wicked wind being OP - it isn't wicked wind, it's the overall crit chance buffs associated with the wizard and APOC in general that makes the char OP. I love my wizard and want them to leave it alone. Acid cloud on the WD procs just as much LOH and u dont hear anyone complaining about the WD being op. people are enjoying the character, don't nerf.
That's because a WD can't really advance beyond Act 2 without Acid Cloud LOH. You nerf Acid Cloud and WD has pretty much no viable inferno builds unless you spend millions on godly items.
I'm just saying wicked wind isn't the problem. The character needs to be able to proc LOH. If you use only wicked wind without explosive blast or any other OP crit chance damage dealer the skill isn't OP at all.
It's not one or the other... it's the overall effect of having "rare" events, like critical hits, become common enough to be expected. There's dozens of "rare" events that are all but required to pull off many of these builds.
Isn't Fire Bomb with the Fire Pit rune a better alternative to Acid Cloud?
Alot of people use firepit. It's kind of in the same category. I'm just saying that they shouldn't nerf the wizard. It needs to be able to proc LOH. The wizard is amazing :)
They both are op just as whirlwind barb oh wait the fact that barbs can move around the map 10x faster than teleporting wizard and witchdoctor makes it not even close :)
Agreed. I feel like people are just starting to figure out the game and it is being played as it is supposed to be played. Jay Wilson designed the wizard I think, so I'm sure they were well aware of this build prior to launch. I'm enjoying it alot, please don't nerf.
08/07/2012 08:38 AMPosted by Seeders
Just because something works doesn't make it overpowered. In fact I think MORE builds should be this powerful...


To anyone who says nerf anything, I will personally find you and punch you in the face.

WW is op with CM as it is. You shouldn't be able to spam diamond skin infinitely and tank stuff with completely mediocre gear. It basically allows anyone to completely ignore gearing up their character at all, and just spam WW and diamond skin infinitely. That said, I really don't care, it won't be effective in PVP at all.
There's nothing wrong with wizard or WD efficacy. Stop nerf herding.

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