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Hi there! Already posted this on the French forums, but apparently bugs should be reported there on US forums, so here i am.

There's actually 2 bugs which i'm faced off regularly :

First Bug: chain of Fire Bug
This one doesn't affect the gameplay, it's only a bug of display.
It happens accasionnaly whith the chain of fire affix, sometimes when you kill one of the elite, the chain stay stuck to the dead one. when you kill the other one, you get a fire chain attached to two elites which are dead.
The chain does not deal any damage anymore thought.

Second Bug: The "stuck Underground" Bug
This one is really bad, it forces you to leave the game (happened 3 times, 2 times in 2 days this week end).
Each time it happened with my monk, when facing an elite pack.
During the fight, My monk "disapear" and i think he is stuck underground because my screen stay focused where i disapeared, and when i try to move, the screen "move a little" but move back to where it was (as if i'm rubberbanded).
The mobs are continusly hitting me (i see the damages on screen) but i don't die even when i've got 0hp.

The first time it happended, a friend came in game and killed the elites wich where stuck hitting on my underground character.
He couldn't see me neither, and i got back full hp with my life regen,so i was not dead, but couldn't use any skill nor TP back to town, so the only choice is to leave the game. Not cool where you're running a 5buff nephalem.

The second time, when it happened i looked at my armor durability, and when i came back from smocking, durability was decreased by 1.
That happended on 04/08/2012 at 00:57 AM (paris)

And here is the third time :

I don't know if theses bugs where reported but i don't think so. The first one isn't that annoying, it's quite fun actually :)
But the second one forces you to leave the game, how am i supposed to make my MF runs with that ? (not that drops are worth it even with MF but it's another story... :p)
Bug #2 has happened to me as well, several times, also playing with my monk.

Here are a couple of videos of it:
It's an issue with dashing strike. For some reason, elites can hit you in the middle of the animation and cause the character to get stuck. You usually have to be surrounded by the elites or cornered against a straight wall and try to dash out. I have not seen it happen against normal mobs.
Thanks Sober, it seams effectively it's a dashing strike bug, cause since, we could call it "the silver sufer bug" !
Here are some new pics taken yesterday, the man is no longer invisible but stuck in his dashing animation, nice ! Same effects, leaving the game is the only solution...

Bonus, some pics of the firechain bug taken yesterday in, seems this one isn't issued either, on the contrary i think it's worse because now the chain stays visible btween the 3 elites, but before 1.0.4 i saw it between 2 only ^^
Duh... this is kind of an old bug.

I am an active dashing strike user, I use it hundreds of times pro run, and this bug keeps happening to me so often...

There is a workaround not mentioned before. Using Seven-sided strike will make your character appear again. If you died (and reborn) while on the underground, then you will come back dead... but you can at least teleport to last check point. If you didn't die, then you will appear again as nothing had happened.

Since you can't kick from down there you need to regenerate spirit passively. Otherwise you need to change your build or quit and start another game.

So annoying... I'd love to kick Seven-side strike out of my build, but it is a must to have it with dashing strike while this bug keeps being active.
If you want a thread combining every other threads about this issue please follow the link and post :

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