Belial. (My Version)

Lore and Story
    Lord of Lies.

    Belial can change form to best suit any situation.

    He creates illusions which appear as real people/places/things these aforementioned act as though they were real enough to be true for the appropriate time it takes in order for his tasks to be accomplished, they are then seen for their true form; hell spawn that have taken on characteristics of their master.

    Able to read the thoughts of his opponents and best them in any debate; whether physical or mental combat, Everything that is said by Belial is conceived as true by any listeners even when it is most definitely not.

    The only creatures immune to Belials lies and deceit is the Maiden of Lust, and the Prime Evils; all else are subjugated to Belial’s will.

    Belial can poison the minds of all who hear his voice to believe anything Belial construes in his devious mind and act upon it accordingly.

    Once a victim of Belial, his lies and deceit will pour from its mouth in the same manner of his own; to where they are conceived as the truth and nothing but the truth.

    If Belial is silenced he no longer reins any power, In order to prevent this powerlessness Belial is constantly speaking in hushed tones and poisoning the minds of the unwary. Anyone who comes into contact with Belial is essentially cursed with Belials lies and eyes. Meaning Belial can see through the eyes of any who have come into contact with him, and can continuously poison others like a plague; a city can fall in days, a country in weeks, a continent months, and a world in merely a year.
That does make him pretty powerful, but how would we as a Nephalem kill him if hes able to decieve all non demons so easily? Or for that matter Angels.
08/04/2012 08:05 PMPosted by Grim
The only creatures immune to Belials lies and deceit is the Maiden of Lust, and the Prime Evils; all else are subjugated to Belial’s will.
Once Belial is loose upon Sanctuary, the immediate reaction one must take to defeat him is to first kill the Maiden of Lust, since the other evils that are immune to Belials deceit are nowhere to be found or are already in their soul form. Suppose the Maiden of Lust carries a trinket on her body that allows the wearer to see through treachery and deceit, as though one sees through glass.
Well it's better than Blizzard's version... although that isn't very hard.
As a Nephalim there is always the likelyhood that eventually you might see through it. Maybe Zoltun has a means of seeing through the lies and illusions. I 100% agree that Belial should not have been so transparent. As soon as i saw the Emp in the sewer i knew it was Belial. I think it would have been a better storyline to have found the Emp imprisoned down there, freed, and then start spewwing lies as Belials mouth. Far more believable IMO

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