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I was playing with my fater in law and we noticed a bug with the gargantuan. Sometimes it seems to just stop attacking. First time i was attacking a tree and my dogs were attacking and I was attacking but the gargantuan just stood there. Second time we were killing the boss that appears when you pick up the head and one of our gargantuans and all our dogs were attacking but the second one (not sure who's it was)started attacking but half way through it walked up to my fatherinlaws guy and just stood there looking at him for 2 min and then finally went back to attacking
post this in the bug section of the forums not the Books and Comics
Yea I just realised it had been posted to the wrong section, sorry must have bugged out when it posted. Can a mod move it there or should I just repost it
repost it, i don't think mods noticed this thread so just repost it.

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