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Where can they be purchased and were can we load money on them ? or are they not out yet even tho they are shown on the diablo 3 payment options ?
Good question I cannot answer but adding a card that would let you add funds into Bnet account sounds interesting and diverse.
dont think those exist broham

Only way is pay pal, credit, debit
If you look at the add funds page and to the right, there is a prepaid card picture and asks if you want to load from one and shows you were the code is and everything. the question is were to do you buy them. and the name is not broham.
God.. why would you buy anything from the RMAH for this game...
where to you buy them ??????
I would very much like to know this. Apparently GameStop does not carry them, or at-least not in my area. Nor do the BestBuys. Walmart does not have it either. I don't think these things exist. Why do they advertise it if they do not have it available? I do not even have access to a Paypal account. I have no way to put money on my account.
yeah i would like to know as well.. im not comfortable adding my credit card to the internet for ANY reason.. so i always buy prepaid cards


Soon, we’ll be introducing a new feature called Balance that will give players an alternate way to purchase Blizzard products and services directly through their account. Players will be able to “charge up” their Balance using a variety of payment methods, and then use their Balance to buy services like World of Warcraft character transfers, digital products like pets and mounts, and more. Players will also be able to use their Account Balance to buy items and store their earnings from Diablo III’s currency-based auction house once the game is released.
We’ll be rolling out the new Balance feature in the weeks ahead -- but in the meantime, check out our Balance FAQ to find out more about how it’s going to work.

so i dont think its "Out" yet
Its yet another example of blizz putting things out too quickly, and not making them fully implemented.
There's only one place to buy ALL the game cards..... 711.......

Actually, I'm not sure of that, but 711 always has gamecards for seemingly everything.
this is crap i have searched everywhere for this card and cant find it i use a credit card and i have to wait 3 damn days i use paypal and i am waiting 2 weeks this is garbage i am really not happy with the run around i have had to do just to add money they should have those pre paid game cards in every 7-11 im really pissed
Try a local 7/11. Im gonna look tomorrow, i feel like ive seen them there before.
ohp, nvm, didnt read above comment
Anyone find them?
where can buy the per-paid card at malaysia sabah??
sabah tawau
I found one at gamestop but it is called a diablo 3 auction house card for $20.00, however it is only specific to diablo 3. If that helps.
i could have swore i saw some at walmart. i think the one i saw while walking by was 20.

EDIT: i think that was a playstation network card i saw. now i really think about it.

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