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I never got my Mark of Valor Sigils and I have all of the e-mail confirmations, how do I get these? I tried to submit a ticket but your choices on what you can complain about is very limited.
Bumping this thread because I have the same problem
Will a blue ever post a response to this, it seems all the tickets are being directed to come here to post yet has been 2 months since they have been released and still no response ;(
I was hoping patch 1.5 would fix this issue, but no - I still don't have ANY of my sigils or the associated achievements.
Hate to necro an old post but I still was wondering if anything has been done to get these credited back to my account? All my past tickets have directed me to come to the forums. I did all 5 email confirms and still have them saved but changed my blizzard email shortly after when the scare of accounts being hacked was happening but have reverted back to the email that was used to claim the 5 sigils a bit after they were being awarded out thinking that was the problem. I see one poster claims to have had them rewarded; thanks for any help possible.
Will this ever get addressed in a future patch?

The issue was looked at last year but it was determined at that time that nothing could really be done about it.
Now that represents an extreme failure of communication. That has never been admitted on any of the threads in the bug report forum on this issue -- they've all just been locked. This really looks like just trying to sweep the issue under the rug, and hope that people forget about it. There should have been a public admission if the records had been lost, or an alternative method of acquiring the sigils offered. People did what they were supposed to do, got email confirmation that they would receive the sigils, and it wasn't until months later, when the achievements were finally awarded and the sigils unlocked that people found out that somehow, despite all evidence to the contrary, they had been missed.

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