Patch 1.0.4 Info Coming Soon -- Updated!

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The Diablo III developers have been hard at work on some exciting new features and updates for the game. Many of you have asked for more details, and we're busily preparing several developer blogs filled with information on what's coming in patch 1.0.4. In the meantime, here's an overview of the information we're planning to share here on the Diablo III community site in the not-too-distant future.

Please keep in mind that this list isn't set in stone, but it should provide a useful preview of what we'll be revealing in the days ahead.

  • System Changes, by Wyatt Cheng
    Senior Technical Game Designer Wyatt Cheng is preparing a high-level summary of some of the system changes planned for 1.0.4.

  • Legendary Item Improvements, by Andrew Chambers
    Senior Game Designer Andrew Chambers is working on a blog detailing all the ways we’re making Legendary items stand out.

  • Magic Find Update, by Jay Wilson
    Following up on earlier discussions, Game Director Jay Wilson will be providing an update on how Magic Find is evolving in patch 1.0.4.

  • Class Changes, by Wyatt Cheng
    Wyatt will also be providing a preview of the changes we’ll be making for each class in 1.0.4 (and the philosophy behind those changes).

  • Patch Notes, by Lylirra
    Of course, this is all building up to the actual patch 1.0.4 release, and we’ll be releasing the full patch notes shortly before the update goes live.

We're also planning to run some interviews and developer chats surrounding patch 1.0.4, and we’ll be sharing those on the Diablo III front page. Be on the lookout, as we'd love to get you involved in any live chats we host.

As always, your constructive feedback is very much appreciated. Stay tuned for the updates to follow!
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Finally, an update.

This is pretty much the make-or-break for Diablo 3 (and possibly even, Blizzard). If this update doesn't deliver on a such a high magnitude of success for how long we've waited for this patch, most people are going to be finished with Blizzard games all together. There's simply too many other games out there that we can play instead.

As a die-hard Diablo fan since I was a mere lad, please, don't let us down.
Hmm we'll see what happens.
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I haven't even played in 2 weeks or so now...I hope this patch delivers.
me gusta.
zOMG, Bash DOES still exist! lol!! I thought they'd fed you to the butcher or something. Can't wait to see what the 1.0.4 changes are going to be.
Love it
08/08/2012 10:02 PMPosted by Krystals
me gusta.

me gusta mucho
Yay, exciting!
hopefully this is really an update :)
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"Soon" as in 1 week soon? Or "Soon" as in 1 year soon?
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An update that there will be an update on the update. Interesting.
Well.. It's a make or break for Blizz on this one.
Is this an update?
why not adding some more dungeons or caves
yay :) . im looking forward to this update :) i love the game and im still playing it.

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