The monk have a imba SKILL,its very imba bug

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first,I am a Taiwan player!The monk have a imba SKILL,can use blue Elite drop Three times now equipped,I think too much of the imbalance......Please repair quickly.....

Skills name is burst boxing,Target to bleed, in 3 seconds dealing 220% weapon damage value of physical damage. If the target is bleeding during the effect of dead bodies will explode, all nearby enemies to cause the target life 30% of the physical damage,.

The last time repair only repair the BUFF superposition problem,Equipment drop problem haven't repair... Monk a trip to A3 can have a pack of 63 equipment

I hope to repair the vulnerability, let the game balance some of it
You posted in the wrong section my friend.
I have posted this for you in the correct forum. I do sincerely hope that this will be addressed in the upcoming 1.04 patch, if not sooner. Here's the link: .


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