"These pants occasionally make you stink"

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08/15/2012 08:27 AMPosted by EricGORE
Aside from the fact that I'm just being over nit-picky for the fun of it, I think my post came off the wrong way anyways. I'm all for fun/joke items, I simply expected better from Blizzard than, "these pants occasionally make you stink".

It's one thing. And not even the ONLY thing. It's just one thing. Let the patch play out and see what other crazy stuff they threw in before saying you expected better.
08/15/2012 08:56 AMPosted by Coal
remember D1 with dark, Gothic, satanic, grim mood? yeah okay there was faram the drunk and in the expansion hellfire, the guy in the cow suit but instead of going for something even more gritty, we have now, the lord of goats, covetous shen and now stink pants...talk about a step in the wrong direction

Right, there was Farnahm the Drunk, Griswold's funky Scottish accent, Gharbad the Weak, Zhar the Mad...

THE ORIGINAL BLACK MUSHROOM...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1q0ltHwY4xQ

Oh, and let's not forget one of my favorite quests in Diablo ever...


The one on the 4th floor of the Cathedral, when Ogden asks you to bring the sign to his inn back. You find out that an army of little blue goblins want it, too, but it's been taken by Overlords, aka "Big Uglies." You can either give the sign back to Ogden for the Harlequin's Crest unique helm, or you can give it to the goblins for experience and treasure.

But come on, it was freaking hilarious listening to the townsfolk speculate on the fate of the sign.

Diablo isn't all about blood and gore and serious stuff. It also has plenty of subtle moments for comedy. If you missed them, you weren't paying enough attention.

Epic fail.
"These pants are so Legendary they can walk on their own."
People will complain about anything. I'm sorry some of you are so jaded by this game you can't appreciate fart pants.
You actually worry about a fun affix? I love the idea of fun items and I hope we see more of them since it's not a game breaker by any means. If you don't like them just don't use them.
I just loot it, and it works...hmm, sometime a polecat appears, and if you pass the cursor on it, you can read: you stink.


I keep it for life !!!

(on sale at the AH hardcore)
I just found some pox pants with this. It's a funny effect, its just so random.

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