Oculus Rift and future Blizzard titles

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Blizzard please include Oculus Rift support in your next game.
08/09/2012 01:32 PMPosted by steveman0
It looks promising compared to many attempts at VR but I'll have to wait and see. I know an indie dev looking into incorporating it into his game so I think it could be fun if it meets the advertised goals. Overall I'm still a bit disappointed with the 110 degree viewing angle which still feels a bit underwhelming with modern technology but I suppose they have to keep costs down somehow. If it takes off maybe someone will come along and make a 200+ degree OLED display version.

Did you even watched the video? It says it has 110 deg. diagonal FOV which pretty much matches FOV of human eye.
08/09/2012 12:46 PMPosted by Bodach
inb4 all development turns into por­n.

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