How The Auction House SHOULD Work in 2012

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The auction house can and should be significantly improved in the near future. Here are suggestions to make it easier to use and to increase the chances of helping players find what they are looking for.

Feel free to post your suggestions as well as comment on the ideas of others. I am adding suggestions of other players as I find them on the forums and as I think of them.

If you want to say you agree/disagree with some, please copy the header to indicate which ones to help Blizzard know which ones players want most and hopefully get them in game soon. Hopefully this can be done in time for the 1.0.4 patch, or soon after.


Payment Options
-Real Money

Suggestion: When switching between gold and real money options, it would be great if the item type options, attributes, etc would all be remembered. This way when switching back and forth players can save time entering everything again and again and can get back to playing the game that much sooner. This makes it faster to search for items to buy, and faster to search for items similar to what you want to sell to know how much to sell for.


Three Preferred Attribute Options

Currently there's a limit of three, and for each attribute you can only enter three characters.

Suggestion: I've previously suggested, as I'm sure others have too, that the number of preferred stats and the number of characters should be increased. I've since read that will be done. Great news!


Sort Options

Presently you can only sort items based on buyout, armor, and dps.

Suggestion: Allow sorting of items for all the preferred stats, buyout, armor, and dps. I can understand why you can't sort based on time remaining, so that's fine as is. Think of the search results as an Excel spreadsheet, each attribute is its own column and you can sort by each column. In Excel you can even sort by multiple columns, but that might be overkill, although it would be a nice feature. This allows players to more easily find items they are looking for, and although players may want two attributes in an item, this allows players the option to prioritize how important one attribute is for them over another.


Bid Option

I've seen many players complain about items being sniped off the auction house at the last second after they had the winning bid for several minutes or hours. I've also seen the suggestion to increase the time remaining on an item before it expires so more bids are allowed to prevent items from being sniped.

Suggestion: If an item receives a bid within the last five minutes (five is just an example, it could be more or less), then the time remaining is bumped up to five minutes. This allows people to keep bidding on the item without extending the time remaining indefinitely, it prevents items from being sniped at the last second, allows the seller to make some more money than they would if the buyout amount is not reached, and Blizzard can collect more gold or money from the transaction.

Suggestion: If a bid is placed within the last five minutes (again, five is just an example), future bids can only be placed by players who have previously bid on the item. This way if several players are engaged in a bidding war, one of them is guaranteed to get the item, and they only have each other to compete with rather than the whole community.


Auction House Look

Currently the Auction House is a window inside Diablo 3.

Suggestion: A lot of these suggestions will take up space visually, so make the Auction House full screen instead of a window.
Allow Searching for Item Properties

Currently you can search for attributes on an item but not properties (for lack of a better word).

Suggestion: Allow searching for properties of items as well as attributes. What do I mean by properties? The attack speed of a weapon (not the attribute +5% increased attack speed, but the little attacks per second number written under the dps). For example, search for weapons with attack speed 1.1 or higher, shields with block rate 15% or higher, etc. Not just attributes such as +5% attack speed or +3% block rate.

Yes, you can search for specific weapon types which all have 1.3 attack speed (not counting any attack speed attributes on the weapon), but I am suggesting being able to search for multiple weapon types, as long as the weapon has 1.1 attack speed or more.
Allow Searching for Attributes on Legendary and Set Items

Currently when you search for a legendary or set item by name the preferred attributes get greyed-out, and even if you choose an attribute it doesn't take effect.

Suggestion: Since legendary and set items can have random properties, legendary or set item abc might get strength one time and dexterity another, making it good for different classes. So allowing you to search for properties on legendary and set items will make it easier to find the one you want. I read this somewhere so it's not my idea, just re-posting it.


Legendary Items Are Not Set Items

If you choose Legendary for the rarity option, set items are included. *small bug in my opinion*, although maybe intentional as there is no "Set" option here.

Suggestion: Add "Set" as an option, allowing you to refine your search criteria to either set or legendary.


Allow Searching for a Range of Item Rarities

Currently if you choose "Magic" as the item rarity, only magic items are returned.

Suggestion: Enable multiple types of rarity searches.
1. x "only" - ex: "magic only", only magic items are returned.
2. x "and higher" - ex: "magic and higher", only magic, rare, set, and legendary items are returned.
3. x "and lower" - ex: "magic and lower", only inferior, normal, superior, and magic items are returned.
4. x "to" y - ex: "magic to rare", only magic and rare items are returned.

This is good as sometimes you want to filter out the garbage items people post like inferior and normal quality items, or because you know you don't want a legendary item.


Allow Searching for Partial Set Names

Currently you have to enter the entire set item name to search.

Suggestion: Allow entering a partial name, such as "Natalya's", similar to how you can choose "armor" and "all armor types", this would return all Natalya's items as "armor" and "all armor types" return all items of all armor types.
Add Stat Modifier Table to Auction House Items

Currently when you look at an item in the auction house you see the stats of the item and your equipped item, but you don't see the difference the item will make in +/- life, damage, and protection.

Suggestion: As explained in this thread here (, it would be great if you can see the changes in +/- life, damage, and protection for items on the auction house, similar to when you have an item in your inventory or stash and compare it to an equipped item.
Remove A Posted Item From AH

Once you post an item on the AH it is there for a maximum of 36 hours.

Suggestion: As explained here (, allow players to remove an item from the auction house as long as there has been no bids placed on it. This is helpful because sometimes you can see your item won't sell and have a limited number of slots and want to post a new item.


Various Timers for Selling Items

All items sell for 36 hours.

Suggestion: Previously items posted on the auction house were placed there for 48 hours. I previously suggested allowing various times, such as 12, 24, 36, and 48 hours. Since that suggestion, all items on the auction house are now placed there for 36 hours. It would be great to allow various timers, possibly with a different fee for each timer. Ex: 5% for 12 hours, 10% for 24 hours, 15% for 36 hours. Or it can be scaled to encourage items to be posted longer, like how one item in a store is 2$ or three for 5$.
Search For Item

Currently you have to enter the preferred attributes you want.

Suggestion: Add an option to search for items "similar" to ones in your inventory. A similar item would be considered an item with two or three of the stats the same as, or close to, the item in your inventory. This would make it a lot faster for players to find gear better than what they are using and also to help players judge how much an item they want to sell is worth rather than having to select the preferred attributes and comparing their item to ones currently for sale.


Preferred Stats

As I previously posted, there are some attributes you can not search for on items that can have those attributes.

Suggestion: Update the preferred attributes list for all item types. Additionally, if only one or two types of armor can have an "increased movement speed" attribute, that attribute should show up if you choose "Armor" and "All armor types". Presently it does not.


Missing Artisan Recipes

Currently you can search for individual recipes but you can not tell if you have already learnt this recipe.

Suggestion: Add an option to search for recipes your artisan has not yet learnt. This can be done based on item type such as magic, rare, legendary, etc and/or artisan level. This is not my suggestion. Although I can't find the thread anymore, I read it somewhere else and am re-posting it.
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