Is Deckard a Horadrim or not?

Lore and Story
I remember reading on many websites that Blizzard did a retcon changing Deckard Cain from the last of the Horadrim to a lowly town scholar.

However in Diablo 3 he is still referred to as the last of the Horadrim, so what gives?
I'm not sure if you've read it, but Diablo: The Order goes fairly in depth with Deckard's relationsip to the Horadrim. Your question is difficult to answer, and even more so without spoiling some part of the novel!

He is not a Horadric Mage. He knows a few spells here and there but from what I understand, while his knowledge regarding Horadric spells is vast, his skill in performing them is elementary.

He is a Horadric scholar though and has the only known bloodline tracing back to the original Horadrim via Jered Cain.

Again, Diablo: The Order asks the same question as you are and figures out exactly what it means to be "the last of the Horadrim." And again, I'm not going to spoil any parts of the novel, but I can tell you that Deckard Cain is not just a lowly town scholar.
Cain is the god in this game.He is in all the Diablo games.He knows every everything of the world.
He can be anything and nothing because he is the god in the Diablo world.
In D3 Deckard Cain explains that when the Horadrim ended their tomes (heavy books) remained in his family. Thus Cain was able to study much of the Horadric lore and become a Horadric scholar.

In D1, D2, and D3 Cain describes himself as the last of the Horadrim because no one else has studied their wisdom. This enabled him to explain to the player about the various demon lords and their minions.

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