Pro's & Con's of RMAH gold price change.

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Patch 1.0.4 will allow you to sell a stack of 1,000,000 gold for as low as $.25 (if that's your thing).

lol the whole 100 stack....maximum stack size now 1mil, price per stack not changing is so confusing.

Assuming economics and supply/demand laws this will likely have 2 effects.

Pro : It's could to kill the private 3rd party market for gold and hopefully discourage botting eventually. Making $0.25 an hours vs. $2.50 is a huge hit to gold farming botters. A 90% paycut is enough to make most people quit their job. :)

Third party sites currently sell gold for just under the $2.50 price tag currently imposed by Blizzard.

Con : Because the real money price of gold is decreasing on the RMAH, the price change will very likely cause an increase in prices on the GAH as the 2 are most certainly inversely proportionate. Gold will become cheaper as botters flood the market in an attempt to unload their massive surplus of gold before it becomes absolutely worthless.

Summary : This decision will further destabilize the economy which is already quite volitile as is. Without increasing gold drops, buying gold off the RMAH for a while will be all but essential to purchase the best gear available in the GAH when GAH prices shoot up from 100,000 Gold to 1,000,000 gold, or <facepalm> 10,000,000 to 100,000,000 gold. This essentially will nerf gold find as an ability for those who don't use the RMAH to buy up the surplus. The same would happen if the U.S treasury decided to suddently release a flood of currency into the U.S economy essentially making the $10 bill into a $1 bill <ouch> :(

Opinion : Undecided as of yet, anyone else care to weigh in?

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