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I've been using http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#WZURYT!adg!bZcbYY to clear Act 3 and 4 to good effect. RoT is a great spell now that it's spammable without mana regen. Has a very good proc rate so I've left some cc and bleed on my gear but once I find some more dps on the AH I'll probably cut out all the CC/bleed/LoH and just focus on Int/Vit/Life%/AR/Armor/Regen. Then I guess dmg modifiers. Can finally play as a summoner! Loving 1.04!!!

Thanks for the quick response! I did go with Leaching Beasts just after I posted, as I'm not too worried about their DPS. So far so good... just haven't encountered a reflect mob... yet. I chose Restless Giant - as I think it'll be better for elites. Maybe the Bruiser will be great for its stun.

Followup question, does the Bruiser's stun work well against elites? Or even bosses?

EDIT: Just read your followup response. A shield sounds perfect for reflect mobs!
I dropped CC altogether, found it wasn't worth it anymore. Went for gear with VIT and INt instead, a more traditional build,and got Armor and AR. Easier to gear up now without having to worry about CC.

My WD is a lot stronger now.

restless giant looks cool but you only get him for 15 seconds out of 120 tops, and often less than that as he doesn't always trigger. I found Bruiser to be a much more constant source of dmg. humongoid is not bad either, he is awesome at crowd control, but bruiser is better against bosses, and yes he can stun elites!

Also dropped burning dogs as I no longer need the aura for CC. I'm having a much better time with Leech Beasts. If I go full tank mode with 7k armor, 500 AR and 2k life regen (0 LOH) and passives Zombie Master, Jungle Fort and Fierce Loy, my dogs never diea, and bruiser just keeps dishing out the hurt.

This new patch is awesome for Witch Doctors, screw the VQ yuppies.
For what it's worth, I ran Tank Pet build with only 18k DPS in Act 3 (using sword and shield configuration with 7k Armor, 500AR) and I am breezing through Act 3. Not uber fast as my damage isn't that high, but my survivability is really good so my pets and I never die. It's a breeze.

Hello guys,

What would be the ideal DPS to run Act 3 with a pet tanking build? Also, what stats do you guys think I need to improve on?

Thanks and good day!

Well we don't know the ideal dps yet. As long as you have enough dps to kill elites before they enrage, then your dps is enough.

The ideal dps will be to have just enough pet survivability to clear all of Inferno, and then dedicating the rest of the stats to dps.

But looking at your profile, your intelligence and weapon dps is similar to mine. Maybe change one of your passive skills (Jungle Fortitude) to a dps one like Pierce the Veil, and start farming.
08/22/2012 02:42 AMPosted by Stargorn
I've been using http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#WZURYT!adg!bZcbYY to clear Act 3 and 4 to good effect. RoT is a great spell now that it's spammable without mana regen.
I'm using this build, except with Life Leeching zombie dogs and instead of GotD, Spirit Barrage--Manitou. I like how it seeks enemies even when I'm running around, though I'm planning to experiment with alternatives. My Passives are Jungle Fortitude, Bad Medicine, and Zombie Handler.

I miss my proc doc as she was in some ways, but I have to admit that she's way more powerful now. I sure don't have the best gear, being pretty new to Inferno, but I just beat the Butcher with her for the first time and I'm having no trouble at all in Act 2 so far.
Interesting reading :) tho I still have my CC build on and the European servers are updating, can't wait to log in the evening and try it myself. They could have waited a few days cos i was really close to Kulle and enjoying how much better ZH performs with the 20% sum CC than more dps... the gear will stay for now as I'm curious how it works but still unsure about the passives, Loyalty/ZH/PtV or Loyalty/PtV/QV to spam bears and RoT... the shield will be dropped as soon as I SW to the stash or even faster :P
Disclaimer: Farming Act2 which was possible with dogs before patch, just now easier.

Still using my CC gear. Acid Rain and Rain of Toads still have great CC.
Part of not switching is due to cost though.

SW, Leeching Beasts, GotD(death is life), Bruiser, Acid Rain, Rain of Toads is basically unbreakable now. It's a LOT slower than the old Rain/Bears since its basically the same build, swapping bears for toads.

Farming act2, passives seemed irrelevant with the pet updates. As of now, Gruesome Feast is the only passive I would absolutely take. The other 2 are pretty interchangeable between Zombie Handler, Grave Injustice, Pierce the Veil, Spritual Atonement(I like max mana pool)

As some other threads have posted, provoke the pack, final gift, death is life, gruesome feast and you can spam some really high dps bears.

Gear swap on cast seems to affect CDs. I only tested with a 5 second helm (700 bin on AH) and after 4-5 casts of checking with a stopwatch on phone, it seems to be that cooldown is calculated on cast (similar to the CC effects)
Gonna list/detail out my build here and, for any high DPS WD out there im curious how this may work for you if your willing to swap and give it a whirl. I personally intend to go relatively balanced with the build, and 1 of the passives is easily swappable for whatever you want. But since no one else seems to have a workable Sacrifice build figure I'd share this one.

--Damage Spells--
Acid Cloud: Slow Burn
Wall of Zombies: Creeper
Zombie Dogs: Leeching Beasts
Sacrifice: Pride
Spirit Walk: Healing Journey
Gargantuan: Whatever (I use big stinker)
Tribal Rites (important for CD)
Zombie Handler (for max dogs)
Whatever Else (I'm using Fierce Loyalty)

So my goals for this build, and so far it seems to be panning out, is to try to mix multiple styles together. Acid Cloud with Slow burn gives good, manageable steady DPS but can also double as burst DPS by spamming it to drain mana. So when you need to burst out the DPS, spam Acid Cloud, once empty I tend to toss out a Wall second I can then immediately Sacrifice and re-summon the dogs. Ultimately results in a ton of %dmg going out int he span of about 5-6 seconds (im using a 2h'er so, faster for dagger folks) that ends in a 1100% explosion (split up between the 4 dogs) and you having full mana.

Which you can then either slide into sustained DPS or dump the mana again for continued burst. Granted you'll end up having to wait on regen till your dog timer is up so you can sacrifice/resummon. Though I've found on some elite packs, sacrificing early for the acid cloud spam can finish them off early and I can just resummon once there dead.

But yeah that's the basics of it. I would avoid Pierce the Veil as its, from what I can tell, an actual drop in DPS unless your using a primary spell due to them being so mana efficient. But with Veil your only looking at 4 Clouds instead of 5, and about a 5-10% drop in general burst DPS. Would be good for the sustained portion of the build but weaker vs elites.

Anyway if any high geared folks wanna give this a try for me and give lemmy know how it goes that'd be great. Currently with my current gear I've ran all the way through A4 up to Diablo. Only got 16k dps my self... so I figure its gadda shine with better gear.
Wow folks, for some reason, Cydaea was an absolute nightmare.

I could not beat her with these stats:
Armor: 5469 (64.58%)
Resistances: 824
Damage: 26511
Life: 13,331
Life Regen: 2082

Maybe it was lag, but, the spiders keep getting me. My life was not enough. I had to buy some gear to increase my life and use my shield again.

Armor: 7019 (70.06%)
Resistances: ~888
Damage: 21048
Life: 20926
Life Regen: 2188

These stats could beat her, but I had to run away from the little spiders a lot. The pets were NOWHERE near dying, partly because some of the spiders went after me.

Conclusion: Armor and Resistances are no longer the most important stats. There is no need to keep pets that durable, because they are already very tough on their own. YOU on the other hand are very squishy, and your pets cannot keep all mobs away from you.

Vitality is actually good for pets too, my rough calculations show that increasing vitality at the expense of armor/resistances will result in pets taking slightly more hits to die.

So there needs to be a healthy balance of vitality, armor and resistances. Vitality is more to keep you alive.
So what is the gear check for a dogs/garg firepit build to beat inferno?
I adjusted my gear a bit, got rid of all the CC and bleed. I now have 30k dps. My build is: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#aZURYT!adg!bZcbYY It works great for farming Act 3/4. Spined Dart keeps mana topped up while I slow/DoT everything then dps with Slow Burn. 31k hp, 1.6k life regen, 5.4k armor and 700 AR is enough to keep pets alive through pretty much anything. In single player, with enchantress buffing armor, I can get away with dropping Jungle Fortitude and picking up VQ for more mana - dps.

Loving the new possibilities.
Peter i noticed a pretty important bug that you should add to the front page.

and its that dogs summoned without having the summon zombie dogs skill selected. will spawn without the force armor possibly HP buff also.

so if you are going to use
circle of life
big bad voodoo - boogie man
Mass confusion - devolution
Grasp of the dead - death is life
sacrifice - next of kin

make sure you also have the summon zombie dog skill or they will spawn without the force armor buff.

hopefully this will be noted by blizzard and they will fix it.
Since patch, searching for Bleed on weapons for a pet build is....?

A. Still a dps increase for pet attacks
B. Not a significant enough stat for AH searchs
playing around with a lot of different skill setups but in the end i went with


as thorns is very good as life regen, once you get it high enough. cleared all inferno with this build and it just works great.

it also has the possibility to switch out grasp for say soul harvest if you wannt higher damage

and locus swarm and pierce the veil for vision quest and acid rain.

i would say that you need a minimum of 300 LoH and about 8000 thorns to be sucsessfull to heal yourself.
Hi guys, I did some tests with a few new legendary items with proc effects.

The Gidbinn is a ceremonial dagger which has a chance to spawn fetish on atk. I did a long run with the current most powerfull proc skills of the WD: Rabid Dogs, Acid Cloud and Raining frogs. First the good news: It does spawn relatively often, like once every 5 secs with all skills running. The bad news however is that if you use just one skill, for example Raining frogs, the spawn rate is too low to be usefull. For comparison: I have a 5% stun glove, and stuns appear more frequently than the fetishes. Also, there was no love for these little fellas in patch 1.04, as they are weaker than paper... So this item is still garbage if you ask me :P

Then The Tormentor, a 2h staff which has a chance to charm enemies on hit. I used the same skill setup as with the Bidbinn. Either the dogs or Raining frogs seem to proc the effect quite often on elite packs. However, they still havent fixed that annoying bug. A charmed enemy will still continue to move towards you or the dogs before aquiring a new target. While it isn't very usefull for dishing out dmg, it does add another usefull effect for locking down/resetting enemies with a Proc Doc.

I also have a Homonculus with -20 secs and a Voodoo Mask with -9 secs cooldown on Zombie Dogs. With Zombie Handler it basically means you dont need Wall of Zombies anymore, because dogs block longer and the cooldown is shorter. The only downside is that you need to sacrifice alot of crit chance and bonus dmg. Might need a sick 1h to compensate for that.

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