Fall of the Ebon-Zod Tower

Lore and Story
The dimensional goblins need your help heros.

Cast your greed aside and lend your strong arms to a good cause... Or perhaps you rather plunder ancient treasure from the Goblin King himself? Assist the PWC (Portal Workers Coven) to dispose of the over aquiring king and you will have your chance.

This will be no easy task. The Ebon-Zod tower cannot be entered from the outside. You will need Goblins to summon you there if you are to have any chance at all. If the PWC can even get you in, you still need to face the Dimensional Lords. According to the PWC the only way to access the next dimensional section of the tower is to defeat these Dimensional Lords who serve as gate keepers every 20 levels. The Ebon-Zod tower is said to be patrolled by at least 3 champions of the tower in every single level, good luck.

There is good news within all this challenge, although. The PWC states once you take out a gate-keeping dimensional lord they will have what is needed to summon you to that level anytime in the future. But you might want to start from the bottom even if you have the middles unlocked, for surely the PWC will be incredibly gratefull and reward you for slaughtering every single Ebon-Zod leader and champion.

Can you brave all 100 levels of the Ebon-Zod Tower and slay the Goblin King? Bring your stepping boots.

(If you slay every champion in every level and all the dimensional lords in one sitting, without starting somewhere in the middle the PWC gives the party a 100% movement boost until they leave the tower. This boost exceeds the limit because goblins are dimensional and awesome. Oh yeah, and all the trash mobs are still cleared but all the champs respawn with half health. BUT WAIT, there's more. The PWC also slaps you in the butt with a 50% MF/GF boost until you leave the tower.)

(The Ebon-Zod Tower is not found in any current part of the questline. You must beat act 1 inferno and Ebon-Zod Tower becomes available in the menus. Shen has a dimensional goblin of the PWC hiding in his house and the goblin will open up a portal to the first level of the Ebon-Zod Tower. This content is a new patch adventure and NOT an expansion pack seeing as its just 100 smallish levels of very uniform design. And the Goblin King looks like David Bowie in tights, maybe all the dimensional lords can borrow from characters in Labyrinth if possible)
08/20/2012 12:16 PMPosted by Dirtpoor
And the Goblin King looks like David Bowie in tights, maybe all the dimensional lords can borrow from characters in Labyrinth if possible)

You had me until the end. Great. Now I'm going to be walking around the office humming, "Oooh! Baby, baby!" all day.

Bog of Eternal Stench as a level 50 reward? Permanent gas cloud aura.
Addendum: To get the 50% Mf and GF at the end you literally have to let the PWC voice leader slap you in the butt. The party must stand in line and take turns.

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