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So when I hover over a possible upgrade, will the item show the + and - of the dps/protection/life adjustment the same way as it does when in your bag? The biggest problem I have is trying to distinct the difference of gear when there is + dmg and the difference between say, 8% ias/crit versus 100+ dex, etc etc. I've gotten items in the past that seemed way better but were not
Thanks for the update Lylirra, covers most doubts about the AH
Thanks Lylirra, for not belittling or cursing at us =)
I think the additional stat options are both good and bad.

The good is obvious... it was simply a painful experience to find items with more than 3 stats.

The negative aspect of this change is that we will likely experience a climb in prices due to the our increased ability to value items with four or more stats.

For example, let's examine 7 of the most common stats that most people look at when purchasing a ring (these are what I used when doing AH flipping)

  • Base Stat (dex, str, int)
  • All Resistance
  • Crit Chance
  • Crit Dmg
  • Attack Speed
  • Vitality
  • Socket

With the AH current system, you can only search on 3. This means that you were required to tediously view each item in the search results to determine what was the best deal. Due to this configuration, it was tough to value the TRUE worth of a ring with 4 or more of these stats, simply because you couldn't directly search for them.

As a result, a ring with a combination of four or more stats could often be found for not much more gold than a ring with a combination of only three of these stats.

This is something that will quickly be eliminated with the 1.0.4 patch, since mluti-stat valuation will become stronger.

I'm not against the AH changes at all... I just felt like pointing this out.
Can the auction house be changed that when you filer item levels, it also shows the items that have been reduced to that particular level?

Meaning, if I have a level 60 item that was reduced to 50, when I search for level 50 items, it will show. The way it is now, you have to search for level 60 items to the see the level 50 item.

Thank you Blizzard!

Any chance of getting a column or pop-up/rollover to display how many bids an item has received (in the search window)?
oh my god yes plz and thank u!
Over the last few days, we've seen a lot of requests from players for us to make improvements to the auction house. We've also seen questions regarding what, if any, changes are being made to the AH in 1.0.4. While we've already talked about many of the updates we have planned, we know some players may have missed those discussions. So, rather than make you wait for the patch notes, we've put together a list of everything that's changing in 1.0.4 for you below.

Take a look:

General Improvements:
  • Players can now cancel their auctions at any point so long they do not have any active bids on them (it will still take five minutes for a listed auction to become searchable, however).
  • We've increased the maximum stack size of gold per listing from 100,000 to 1,000,000. The minimum price per stack will remain the same.
  • We've added description text to several error messages. We've also improved several existing descriptions so that they more clearly describe why you've encountered an error.

Search Improvements:
  • We're upping the allowed number of "Preferred Stats" per search from 3 to 6.
  • We're upping the number of digits you can enter in the "Min Value" field for equipment searches from 3 to 5 (i.e. you can now search for values > 999).
  • We've replaced “Minimum Damage” with “Average Damage” as a searchable stat, which can be calculated as follows: (Min Damage + Max Damage) / 2. So, for example, searching for an Average Damage of 12 will find an item with 10-14 damage, 12 Minimum damage, or 24 Maximum damage.
  • Stat increases which come from slotted gems will no longer be factored in when searching for equipment. Instead, your search criteria will only take into account the base stat values for an item.
  • Armor, DPS, Buyout, and Time Left columns are now sortable columns in the Search tab.

UI Improvements:
  • The Auctions tab and Completed tab will now refresh whenever one of your items has been purchased.
  • Whenever an auction expires or is cancelled, the listing price of that item will now display in the Completed tab.
  • Tooltips have been added for items in the Completed tab (which means you'll be able to see the stats of the items you've purchased or sold, as well as items which failed to sell or were cancelled).
  • Tooltips have been added for commodities.
  • Item Compare tooltips have been added to the Recommended Items page.

In addition to these improvements, we're also fixing several bugs with the auction house UI and functionality (many of which you reported on these forums).

Bug Fixes:
  • Auction house filters are no longer case-sensitive.
  • Players can now search for stats on Legendary items! Yay!
  • The Recommended Items page will now display quivers for demon hunters even if you have a two-handed ranged weapon equipped.
  • Witch doctor's Corpse Spider bonus is now listed when searching for mojos.
  • And, last but not least, we've fixed several issues with affixes not displaying correctly or being unavailable for equipment searches:
    • "Attack Speed" is now a searchable affix for quivers
    • "Chance to Blind on Hit" is now a searchable affix for amulets
    • Items with the "Level Requirement Reduced" affix will now properly appear in search results when specifying the level range
    • Searches will now properly filter results according to the set Minimum and Maximum values for"Life per Spirit Spent"

And there you have it! Please note that this isn’t a preview, and that the above list represents every change we are making to the auction house in 1.0.4. While the list is exhaustive for this patch, it's definitely not the end of the road -- we still have additional improvements planned for 1.1.0 and for the long-term. We don't have a lot of juicy details to share right now on that front, but we'll be sure to provide more information as development continues

AND Cluster arrow AH search for DH? no?
or blizz is good only to call losers others?
08/20/2012 03:47 PMPosted by Lylirra
Only the stack size has changed for gold listings (increased from 100,000 to 1,000,000); all other numbers have stayed the same. The minimum price per stack is still the same, and you will still be limited to 100 total stacks.

For gold, it's 1000 (One thousand) stack limit right now. Minimum price for 1,000,000 gold will be $0.25, so still 1000 stack limit come 1.0.4. Is all this correct?
For the digits/UI, will you now use comma delimiters? Instead of 1000000, can we have 1,000,000? Or, more realistically, instead of 250000000, can you show this as 250,000,000?

Thank you for the other improvements. You like us. You really like us!
These changes are all great! I wish the auction house wasn't so central to the D3 experience, but since it is this is one of the best/most important 1.0.4 previews I've read.
You are still dodging the main question Lylirra,

I'll make it a simple choice A or B to cut down the confusion, cause your rewording of the bullet point still does not answer the question.

So currently, we list 100k = 100,000 gold at .25 cents per unit stack of 100k. Thus = 1million gold equals ten 100k units at .25 cent = $2.50 cent (minus all fees) this is also the minimum.

Has blizzard devalued gold to the point were we are now

A) listing gold 1million @ .25 cents per unit stack of 1million thus = 10million = $2.50 USD.

Or is gold still at the same rate but,

B) You may now only list 1million but for $2.50.

If it is A, you guys truly know how to give the economy to the botters over night.
Yes were confused about how much 1million gold will sell for now.

Is the MINIMUM amount going to be .25 cents per mil


2.50 per mil (same as old)
Nice changes. I would still love to see a gear comparison function when mousing over items in the AH. What are the odds of making that happen?
If you're changing the cost of gold from .25 per 100,000 to .25 per 1,000,000 I would like to cancel my gold auctions before you do that. You're completely shifting the market in less than a day, and those of us that have auctions listed that will be affected by this change can not cancel them until after the patch hits, which is potentially too late.

Very poor judgement.
Thanks BLIZZARD!!!

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