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Is the patch already out for u US people? :o

So what's the current price on 1 mil gold?
1 mil is going for about $1.10-$1.15 USD.
did you guys fix the bug that doesn't allow you to send 21000 of something to stash due to incomplete stacking (stacks of less than 100)?
We've talked about adding the ↑/↓ tooltips into the auction house, though. It's something we'd love to do, but there are a number of technical hurdles that we have to overcome first before that can happen. We don't really have a lot of details to share, but we agree that it would be a great feature to add to the AH.

If there are actually technical hurdles for something this simple, the code quality for the game must be horrible. The auction house should be using the exact same code for these comparisons as in game.

Also, will damage be searchable on amulets/rings/off-hands? What about block chance on shields?

Not in 1.0.4, but it is something we're working on. It's currently scheduled for the 1.1.0 patch, and the change will allow you to search for block % on shields.

So the auction house is still useless for for Wiz and WD? Again, if this is actually hard to implement it shows some pretty fundamental problems with the game's code.
Why are my quotes not blue? They were blue in the preview....
While I'm happy with the AH update in general, one thing is bugging me a bit (not sure if this is just me or not).

The part about searched stats not including gems anymore just seems unnecessary. That is actually making it harder for me to find what I'm looking for, since I have to search separately for each # of sockets with base values matching the rough item quality I want. If I want at least 180 dex on a chest armor, for example, in addition to whatever else, I have to search 0socket/1socket/2socket/3socket all separately.

Same idea with anything else that can have sockets, it doubles (or more) the # of searches I need to do for nearly every item I'm looking for.

Not a huge issue I guess, but definitely something that I think could be better
Too bad every time i try and sell something now... it lags and fails cause AH dosnt have a high enough server load...
i haven't log in yet and check out AH,, on the sold completed items can you actually view it now on what items you sold?
Much needed improvement
i understood
All of the updates are awesome that i'm seeing with AH, but there is one thing i believe can still be done not just to make auction house more appealing.

1) Change the way bid times work:

Yes the current system works well but it is easily flawed by "Snipers" on items. I'm personally one of these but at the same time have had my fair share. The idea of "Auction" is for the winning bid to be the highest current bid, but from the auctions i know of, the item will not stop being up for bid till the highest bidder has no more people to outbid him. So how could this be fixed?

Well an idea for me is very simple, every time an item has a bid it should have a 60 second Extended time period. This would make bidding for items better for the actual seller as he wouldn't just get that sniped price his buyer paid. Say 2-3 people are looking at an item and know its got 60 seconds remaining, people would than start a bidding war, with the time increasing each time there is a bid this could bring some real excitement to some bidders, even the seller could have fun watching his item being battled out for in a bidding war. This would even give everyone a chance to bid on that item.

2) "Hot Items" tab. If an item has X amount of current bids and generally has a lot of interest it would be in the the "Hot Items" tab. This would need some thought to be able to determine what items would qualify, but this could again bring more excitement for both the seller and bidders as it could attract more people too the bid and with the above it could really bring a lot more excitement to the items. Perhaps adding a "Current Number Of Bids Tab" to both the Search AH and the Sellers AH Summary.

Imagine that Epic Axe with i don't know 1200 DPS, 90% Crit hit Damage, Socket, 900 Life on hit, AS, and so on. The spotlight could be huge on that item and you could really see some more epic stuff happening in the AH.

Just my few ideas, you guys pretty much got my other ideas with this patch.
well this sucks, so i have to pay $1 for every item that sell in real money and that leaves me with $0.25. great update. hate it

They could just put an option Stats 'with or Without gem' .. It would make the Auction house even easier to use

They could just put an option Stats 'with or Without gem' .. It would make the Auction house even easier to use

This is definitely the best solution to that.
I got a pair of legendary gloves with 199 LOH, but you can't search LOH for gloves?

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