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The updates are really great. However, from what I can see now, the update results only a huge huge AH lag...
about 1:20 am I was in the auction house when I was kicked out and the system said the the auction house was currently not available I login again and still did not have access. however blizzard must have been working on the auction house and I now able access it. I wondered if anyone else had simular problems?
I really hope Blizzard can come up with a sorted button at the AH Completed tab, where I can see only purchased or buyout item, exclude those expired/cancelled item....
Almost perfect.
after all this fix, another new bug/problem appears: the-magically-disappearing-items-in-AH bug. please address this :) thanks mr admin
Game is up to date What the????
how do I download the patch 1.0.4?
the auction house is perfect, except we need to be able to sell more than 10 slots....
10 slots are too little..

Oh yes, when the item expired, allow us to sell directly from the AH completed list instead of transfering to our stash and sell it..
ah is broken atm, fix your s*** blizz
What happened to the 2 minute timer before an auction goes live?
good good
ah still broken
i just wondered why i still cant access into the auction house?
You should do something with the Blacksmithing Plans in the AH so you know if you already own the Plans.
and the ah is still greyed out and broken, what a surprise..... fix your s*** already blizzard, whats the point of having this paragon thing if I can't sell anything
08/20/2012 07:53 AMPosted by Azidonis
did pple really not know how to search for legendary stats?

Did you really not know it wasn't possible?

sigh.. you know pre 1.04, you could filter your search to only legendary, set lvl req, and specify type. *head explodes*

(and yes, some special attributes were not searchable, but those were usually fixed anyway)
Two issues:

I can't search average damage on Wizard Source.

The average damage does not count attack speed of the weapon. So fast weapons are more difficult to appear.
well im having an error called streaming failure ...i skipped that by deleting the mfil file.....now when im trying to log on i see an error of 3003 what im i supposed to do some1 help me please!!

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