Hey i'm new to the Diablo Franchise but my LVL 41 Barbarian is having serious issues staying alive. i'm on the mission to find the Wizards blood to bring him back to life and my Barbarian just seems to not be doing enough damage and is dying way to fast. i'm dying about 20+ times a map. ive tried making new weapons and armor but its not doing anything she keeps dying in like three hits. Is this normal cause im on Nightmare difficulty or should i be doing something different? Please help....
I know it may not seem fun to do this, but you may want to think about going a little more defensive until you can obtain a little more gear. Your still young (character), and things will seem to stonewall you.

Are you opposed to using the Gold Auction House? You can find some nice upgrades for relatively cheap. Like 5000g. Just use the filters. If you want to go pure, then hope you get an awesome drop. Which will happen alot at your level.

Do you play publicly? An extra person in there may make it more enjoyable, because all demons aren't focused on you. A majority will be for a long time cause you are a barb though:)

Immediate changes, drop Battlerage for War Cry. Their health is low enough at this point that you shouldn't really need the increased DPS. Give it a try, and post back. I'll see what else I can help with.
I'd try using weaponmaster passive since your using an axe, also id drop one armor passive for ruthless as well. These should up your dps quite a bit allowing you to kill before being killed. Also pound of flesh helped me until around 55. Might want to change cleave with frenzy/sidearm see how that works. Also wrath of the berserker I like better than earthquake just because earthquake is terrible vs. ranged elites.
Whoran I love the auction house its the only reason i have any (relatively) good items. i can't find any in-game so i move to the auction house i grab some... and anytime i play publicy, they ask me to leave or kick me because i die so easily. Thanks for the advice tho, i'll try it for sure.

Cpottz Thank you as well for the advice. see you both around the game.
if you want, add me in game:
henry#1793 I have a lvl 52 legendary helm that will help you until 60.

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