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I usually don't post, but I browse the forums a lot. Never felt a need, feel everything I wanted to express was already being expressed by the others in the community.

I think blizzard did a good job with 1.04 overall, but one thing I feel is a repeating pattern for Blizzard over and over again.

It's nice that pre-patch we get treated to some nice eye candy and all the positive changes coming our way, but we really expect Blizzard to be frank when it comes to nerfs. You know the community is a saavy crowd, and you know we know what is a huge nerf. The demon hunter proc changes that were never communicated to us and shows up in patch notes at the last second generates a lot of anger amongst us. I myself leveled up a demon hunter to 60 and geared him up for act3 specifically because of the tank build, and on the day of the patch I find out that this build is no longer viable.

Why was there no communication to us earlier that you were depreciating tank build for ranged classes if it did not fit the bill of how the game is supposed to be played. I really expected more from Blizzard. You said nothing until the last minute when you threw down the hammer.
I agree to the hideous nerf they have done, not really nice.

But about your build, well, how can Blizzard know specifically what build you're running? I mean, look at all the classes, all the skills, all the runes. They can't foresee every single of them.
Its alright, you know you can just change your build to tank-vault DH. Might as well have fun with your tank DH before it gets hotfixed.

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