Hallowed/6 prop armor streamed crafting

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Still rolling.
Back on, add me.

On and crafting, prices just lowered.
Still grinding paragon and crafting, hit me up!
Now crafting for free with a small caveat. If you roll an upgrade for me you get my old piece instead (This will not be a bad thing).
Still crafting :)
Still crafting
Still going!
Back on and crafting.
bumping for a vouch,
Fast and easy crafting, this guy is awesome crafted me 3 good hollowed items :) thanks again for the craft.
Back after a short journey to Pandaria and crafting up a storm.
Still going.
On for a few hours.
Online and crafting.
Crafting for about an hour.
On and crafting, feel free to shoot me a friend request.

On and crafting!
Last call for tonight.

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