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08/22/2012 04:11 PMPosted by Shogs
Most of us understood where you were coming from, and I don't think an apology to us was necessary at all. This was between you and Dave IMHO.

^ This . . .
08/22/2012 04:54 PMPosted by xanzul

You must not have much of an attention span, because Jay just said some of the new team are straight from Blizz north.

So grats on your inability to read and your epic fail of a comment.

Keeps up the good patches Blizz, can't wait for 1.1!

Most people who want to bash Blizzard have no interest in facts.

Here's a fact. You have been posting nonstop since 8am today. I sure hope you get paid for defending them this much. Judging by your profile, I'd say that's very possible.
08/22/2012 04:50 PMPosted by xanzul
why is everyone thanking him? he never posts here. and he will disappear for more months

Unbelievable. All day you people have been whining for an apology and an increase in communication and the second you get it you start complaining about that as well.

No one is going to make the haters happy. The time for them to move onto the next game to bish about is very close. Yes, they will complain about that game too.
Keep your chin up, Jay. I understand why you felt the need to apologize, but I can see myself acting in the same way if I felt like myself or my team was criticized.

Love your game and I think it's a worthy successor to the franchise. Appreciate you and your team's effort and don't understand the drummed-up outrage that your comment seemed to generate.
It isn't [for] the developers to say what or what is not a step in the right direction, that is for the players.

Listen to the players, be good to your fans, acknowledge short comings, and good things will come

If only it were that simple. Question is, which players to listen to? Someone is always bound to remain dissatisfied. I don't think any company draws as much on player feedback as CCP, and yet 100% EvE happiness continues to be out of reach...
LOL thats why we dont use Facebook or similar BS to express our true feelings LOL!!!!

i feel more Sorry for Jason because he had to apologies for something he said "private"...on stupid facebook!!!!

i dont care if he was right or wrong, but cant keep laughing because they should know, once typed it stays for ever! sorry guys! try to use your phones next time maybe!?
08/22/2012 04:58 PMPosted by Manrev
LOL thats why we dont use Facebook or similar BS to express our true filling LOL!!!!

Hmmmmmmmm... true filling...
I don't think there was a need for an apology, it wasn't directed at me and honestly, anyone on this forum or elsewhere has said the same and way worse about someone. In fact, a whole lot of it on this forum has been directed at Jay himself, by people who don't even know him. It was a bit of a PR bungle, of course, but who really cares? The "outcry" on these forums was driven almost entirely by anti-Wilson no-lifers who spend their time on here doing nothing but trolling and bashing the game. They aren't the audience you should seek to appease, they're a vocal and nasty, classless minority who deserve whatever they get...and for some of them, I hope it involves having the taste smacked out of their mouth someday.

I appreciate that Jay would be big enough to come on here and apologize for what he said, but the sentiment was as valid now as it was then and I don't think an apology was needed.
Thanks for the apology. All is forgiven. I think the paragon system was a fantastic step in the right direction, I never thought of anything like it.
No worries.

D3 is a game with fantastic potential. Ok, so perhaps in the initial release it didn't have quite as much refinement as a game that had 10+ years to grow and mature. How is that a surprise?

Of COURSE a 10+ year old constantly-changing game will have a few less quirks.

You and the team built a great foundation and a heck of a single-player experience with D3. I was kept entertained for many many many hours trying to get all my characters to 60.

Now you've taken a huge step forward with 1.0.4 and have added longevity (Paragon system) and that sense of accomplishment that made D2 great.

Keep up the excellent work. You didn't build perfection yet, and you recognize that, which means our best D3 gaming days are still to come. I for one am excited to be part of the journey.

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