VOTE: Will Guild Wars 2 make you quit Diablo?

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I got bored of GW2 in the beta.
No, I don't limit myself to playing one game. That's crazy talk!
No. Except for the Diablo series and games like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and games from the Elder Scrolls series (Skyrim, Oblivion), RPG's (of any category within the genre) are not the type of games I usually play. I'm an RTS guy (Brood War for many years and now Starcraft 2) and somewhat of a shooter guy (mostly counter-strike nowadays).
I'll check it out when and if it offers free trials, but no, it won't make me stop playing any game in specific.

08/24/2012 11:17 AMPosted by DeadRu
Nope. I'll stick with D3, and buy the mop release of wow. BtW Gw2 is not even a zit on WoW's behind.

and i hate to be the one to say this what with the thread being young and still unsaturated with nerdrage, but WoW sucks bro, has for a long time now. Cope.
08/24/2012 11:21 AMPosted by Kurs
D3 made me quit Diablo.
2. Bought it
3. Will play both
put it this way: I got on my computer to play d3 an hour ago.. the servers are still down. if they dont come up soon i'm going to buy GW2 and play it tonight instead.

either way i'm not buying mists of pandaria, THAT is what blizzard cares about, they dont care if we quit d3. they care about selling the NEXT game, the one with a subscription fee.. not keeping you playing a f2p game.
I will keep an eye on GW2. I played in the open Beta weekend... There seems to be a lot going on around you..which was neat, always some event. Combat was a bit confusing, but hard to judge off just a beta.

Did not grab me at that point, so, will be keeping on eye on it though.
08/24/2012 11:21 AMPosted by Kurs
D3 made me quit Diablo.

Beat me to it, you SOB.
Im playing both games.
no. Garbage MMO = Garbage MMO = Garbage MMO

I don't play garbage MMOs

you're playing wow though
I don't think I would ever play a game that was intentionally designed to be similar to Diablo.. I'll stick to the original kthxggetc =D
Will continue to play
Yes, yes, and no.

ps- I'll also be quitting WoW for GW2.
Tired of MMO game, bought GW2 but will stick with D3 at least to get 100 paragon lvl.
08/24/2012 10:47 AMPosted by TomTom499
Is Guild Wars your type of game?

Nope. Neither is D3. I'm just addicted to that "ding" sound upon identifying items. Sad, really...

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