VOTE: Will Guild Wars 2 make you quit Diablo?

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2. Bought it
3. Will play both
Bought both playing both - though I'm looking forward to a new story/character to try out in GW2.
maybe torchlight, but not gw. i am so jealous everyone getting legendary except me. it is frustrating the heck out of me. a man can take so much.
08/24/2012 11:22 AMPosted by GeekUSA
I got bored of GW2 in the beta.

Of course you did man.everyone does,especially when theres that nagging voice reminding you that it all really doesn't matter because its a beta.But I doubt ill be bored man..Ive spent the last 3 months playing the same stage,so I wont be complaining.
Diablo did that all by itself, thanks.
If I get my hands on it, yes. Diablo3 is like smoking, you keep playing it even though all you'll end up getting is cancer.
Until patch 1.1 I'll more than likely stop playing D3.
So I figure nearly a year from the release date before we see any PvP content in D3.. I honestly hate feeling like I'm playing a game that is still in beta and requires DOZENS of patches/hotfixes/downtime in the short time that it has been released :(

I've played the GW2 betas and, yes it is similar to most MMOs, but it also has a large amount of unique content that I've never seen in MMOs before, and I only made it into the high 20s on one character (not a hardcore gamer obviously).

GW2 will not have any direct effect on D3 because D3 has already damaged itself pretty significantly. While it has a strong playerbase, it is significantly lower than it SHOULD be because of how terrible the release and first week or so went.. then patch 1.03 (I also quit until 1.04 after that one).

I see 1.04 as bad timing though.. it's only been out a few days and I'm back to enjoying D3 now that a lot of the wrong from 1.03 was corrected, but I've already payed for GW2 so I'm not going to let the $80 go to waist xD

I don't understand why anyone has to pick sides though.. effing play both lol.

I play games 50+ hours a week and Diablo 3 might get only get 20 hours.. I'd get so effing bored with it if it were the only game I played lol.

TL;DR... Until 1.1/better end game than paragons... yes I will be "quitting" D3, but I'm sure I'll be back :)
no. Garbage MMO = Garbage MMO = Garbage MMO

I don't play garbage MMOs

MMO-RPG models HAVE to change to be interesting, but developer's investors want a guaranteed profit and you can't get that with a gamble.

Most MMO's are obviously similar or garbage and fail for being similar, but having less content or being unfamiliar to gamers' previous MMO's. Everyone refers to WoW as king because it's like a Katamari ball that just keeps assimilating things from different games, which is perfectly fine, but it's still using an outdated game engine and has such anti-climactic combat mechanics. It's more of a math game than an immersive game.

It has aged extremely well, but there's a few 'money saving' design decisions that are keeping it from being the game it COULD be.

Off topic, but still relevant. I don't think GW2 will break new ground too much, but I do believe it will probably keep a following for a while and maybe longer, depending on the devs and the community. I still think the MMO-RPG model needs to deviate from it's stale model at least for one game.
Nope, i dont enjoy much MMO
I will be quitting. I'm a Guild Wars fanboy more than I am a Diablo fanboy. But this game has potential, contrary to the bull!@#$ on the forums people spew every day. I'll be checking back at this and see if this game evolves from a gear-check in the future, and I'll maybe be checking back to play casually. I still loved Diablo 2, and I hope this gets to that same point.
Nope, have not ordered and will not be playing GW2
it's safe to say if the game is of great quality then most of us will try it eventually, both games are free to play with no subscription.
played the first gw after my first attempt to quit wow. I wasn't happy with it in the slightest. It wasn't a blizz game.
I never could get into Guild Wars. Just not my type of game i guess. But after playing Wow, I would suspect that finding something that could match Wow's game play would be difficult for me, As all the other games seem like a generic version of Wow. But that's just my opinion.
Don't much like the look of GW2 from the trailers. Not sure what I'll play next because I stopped enjoying WoW partway through WotLK when they put in PvE "points" for raiding gear. I might jump to Path of Exile if they get the combat sorted out. Right now it's too clunky to be much fun.
1. Yes
2. Did not buy, Diablo 4? :D
3. Will continue to play D3 ... I am in love.
I don't get into MMOs. I'll be playing this and a few other games until something better comes along.
I've already bought GW2. Fully intend to continue playing both WoW and DIII. Options are nice.

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