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Sounds kinda cool, I am trying to decide if I'll buy it. Honestly though, I love the item hunt/grind and would rather do that than "mine some rocks, or trees".

What I'm scared of is it being like Dungeons and Dragons Online. I played DDO for two years and it was exactly like that, very immersing. The issue I had was the endgame and raiding, having to wait for role players like healers before you can do a quest. I know GW2 is different but I've never played it yet and since raiding like that has become almost a staple in MMOs I am terrified that GW@ will be no different. Is the end game going to be just PvP? How do you PvP without finding decent items? Is there an item hunt? Can I play all of the content solo while I hunt for my items?

I love Diablo type games because I don't have to wait 35 minutes for a cleric. I can login and get the most out of the game without having to depend on other people. Diablo 1 ruled! I played that game for years, then Diablo 2 for years...Diablo 3 is fun and with a few more minor patches and a expansion it will be even better.

For everyone out there who played Diablo 2 do you remember when LoD came out? They changed the game SO MUCH from when it was first released through the expansion. I played an amazon and the best bow in D2 was some rare rune bow, not even a legendary -then LoD came out and it was windforce etc. Stuff was nerfed (piercing guided arrows that pierced forever) and other things where buffed just like D3 is experiencing.

What I'm trying to say is that the foundation of D3 is good just like D2. It can only get better as things are tweaked and improved and I'm not bored yet. I have close to 500 hours on the demon hunter and I just started a barb. This game just needs little tweaks and it is getting them.

I would rather play a growing, evolving game that is changing and growing then a "fully developed" stagnant game.

First - you can play GW2 the way you want it. No need to craft if you don't want to. When I feel nostalgic about D2 I wear a full set of the Pirate (you even yell "Yarr" when you get hit and summon a parrot - but mostly you get 45% MF) and eat some consumables for an extra MF bonus. Then I go farm undead on a beach in the undead lands (highest level). From time to time an event spawns near - usually event = more foes = more loot. You can get valuable stuff this way.

I have a guildmate who spent his first weeks of game trading. He was still low level but made about 60 gold (that's huge) out of playing the market - he really enjoyed it apparently - bought all the mini pets from the gem shop too. Now he started playing his toon.

There are no role players. No healers - technically any class can do all : DPS, healing and CC. For healing you generally should look after yourself - but people will help. As a ranger I have a signet that draws all conditions from my teammates to my pet (poor thing). Engineers can deploy turrets for AoE healing while Guardians use protective banners. And so on.

Did two of the dungeons (lvl 50 and 60) with PuGs - absolutely great experience. Sure we died a bit since we had no idea what was inside - but we managed to find ways to defeat our foes. Once after a TPK we decided to switch our skills to focus on condition removal and interrupts - worked great.

Also - at some point one of the 5 people in the team disconnected. Guess what - he was returned to us on relog and we were able to finish the quest - amazing idea....

To answer some of you questions: the endgame is not PvP - PvP is the "parallel game". Endgame will be dungeon runs and farming resources to craft the "legendary" items. These items are insanely hard to make, yet they are roughly 10% only better than the more accessible "exotic" ones.

In Team PvP - you are automatically maxed level and you can get for free the best items available in the PvE game - obviously, you cannot use them in PvE.
08/25/2012 01:26 AMPosted by Raserei
Have you played GW2? WvW instantly levels you to 80 while your inside... It's lame...

Obviously someone has not played GW2 but I think its you.

World vs world does not level you.

You keep all your items, skills and levels.

If you are going to say a game is bad, you might actually quote factual information from it. WoW troll.

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