Great new tank build

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Check my profile for my stats... i dont have the greatest.

I have been tweaking something similar to this for the last 24 hours, and finally got it to work pretty good.

I use spiders when my pets run out to attack a group, keep's me clean of monsters when I don't want to go in and engage.

Cloud of bats is working good for me so far... the life return on it honestly isn't great, so you need some decent mitigation (why running 4 pets is so nice) but the damage it produces in your typical tank build with low DPS is really nice. I mix in ROT whenever I need to heal a bit more, or whenever I finally push myself out of mana (usually takes about 20ish seconds or so to run out) also soul harvest with siphon helps kick in some additional health when needed without needing to interrupt bats (you want to keep the bats going since they build up to 330% damage over 5 seconds)

I think the bats would work even better for someone that had maybe a life steal build (6% through a 2h weapon) higher dps, and crit... I could see it returning a lot of health.

Anyways, thought I would share, it's getting me through A3 right now, even fighting multiple elite groups.

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