Best Monk legendary and set items for 1.0.4

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09/10/2012 09:20 PMPosted by dharsam
wat is nice boot for monk? ice climber?

Ice Climbers, Fire Walkers are both great. I actually picked up a pair of FireWalkers for 1.2mil on the AH, so you can find decent deals.

Failing the budget for a legendary, I would suggest a yellow with move speed, double resist, & dex or vit (depending on your gearout)
I'm trying to decide what piece to upgrade for my monk. I'm at 48k damage and want higher. I've got 25 mil gold right now and I'm wondering if ya'll could look at my gear and make some suggestions on boosting my dps. I can get a nice echoing fury pretty easily and still have some left over, save up for a nice andariels visage, save up for WKL, the witching confused and want to get the most for my money. Please help!
Just another quick thing that's slightly off - a lot of the legendaries with guaranteed stat ranges can roll that same stat on random and go higher. For example, Ice Climbers can double roll dex and get up to 300 + a socket, and vile ward can roll up 300. This makes the "max dex" cap higher and makes them the clear winners as long as you don't want movement speed or whatever. Just be prepared to pay a TON for the ones that roll over the max value.
As an update to the Hallowed set items, there is also Hallowed Storm - the Set Axe that is guaranteed +Holy damage and +5 random stats.

The key here is you can equip the Hallowed Hand AND the Hallowed Storm dual wield and still get the set bonus of +5% IAS and +40 Resist all. Since dual wielding already adds +15%IAS, this dual wield set will increase attack speed by +20%. Not bad at all!
09/10/2012 08:57 PMPosted by Aureus
It should also be noted that this shield looks awesome. See:

Have to support that. I love the look of my hallowed barrier (look like an angel ;) )
see here:

@Tunnelmath: The idea with the axe sounds very nice!
Found this one on AH - just have to save a little money first ;)
Asheara's boots have +atk speed. and cheap too
Litany of the undead and the Wailing host are pretty nasty rings. One has guaranteed all res, crit, and life regen and can roll a second resist and 150+ dex. The other has guaranteed crit, regen, and high stat and can roll a resist.

Between the two you can get something like 9% crit, 500 life regen, 350 dex, 140 combined resist, 11% reduced damage from elites, as well as the set bonus (15% mf, gf, and chance to summon a skeleton. Dunno how good they are).

That seems incredibly good for balanced rings, just missing average damage which it seems to be able to roll. They're SUPER pricey though, so expect to spend 100 mill on a set of good ones.
Yep, was about to suggest those set rings last night but got sidetracked. They are great, and way better than some others currently on the list. Unity is a slightly better legacy Skull Grasp, but until it actually starts appearing in the game, the legacy SG should be considered as well (I've seen plenty of them on the AH).
Legacy SG is waaaay better than the new one, but they can run pretty expensive. I really like them though, find one with your resist and you've got a ring with guaranteed average damage (which is WAY WAY WAY underrated, especially cuz average damage sometimes double dips. My one-modifier average damage rings/trinkets outperform a lot of trifectas) life on hit, super high dex, and crit.
First of all, thanks for a great thread I read it when ever there is an update :) I have a Skorn and I must say that paying 12m for a 2H with 300+ dex, 142 CD, a socket and 10k bleed seems like a good deal to me. If anyone can give me a significant DPS boost without paying 50m please let me know. Currently, my DPS is 76k.
This thread has been a great help for me! Getting the funds to start buying some good items. For now I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about what to upgrade now. It looks to me I am kinda stuck now until I have 20+m to get some solid items.

My EU profile:


First, I'll preface all I'm going to say with the following : I'm pretty sure the OP would rather the discussion be pertaining to legendary items than specific upgrade requests - might I suggest creating your own thread? You'll also get quite a few more views - and replies - this way.

That being said : I plugged your numbers into a damage calculator, which you should definitely use, btw. The address :

I went on the auction house, and searched for any 1-handed weapon, with the following attributes :

- dex : 100
- crit dmg
- socket
- max 1 mil buyout.

Came up with a BUNCH of weapons very close to 900 DPS. So, your WKL is nice, but I think it's holding you back because of the low DPS. (Besides, you'll probably recoup some nice money by selling it!) I plugged the numbers from the two top weapons in that search - both spears, so yeah, you do lose a bit of attack speed - and your DPS jumped right up to 44K in the calculator! So there you go, I think that's the most dramatic improvement.

(Caveat : none of the weapons had life on hit. If you depend on that to survive, you can get one that has a higher LOH, or two that have lower LOH - but yes, you'll spend more, or do less dmg. Play with the calculator for best effect.)

Other than that : Chest should have three sockets, all with at least star emeralds (you've been playing for a while, you should have a reasonable stash of emeralds - otherwise, buy them!). Pants should also have two sockets, also with star emeralds. If it's got a socket - put a star emerald in there (at least)! =) (I.E. your ring) Every single point of dex is 24 dmg for you according to the calc, and those are +46 dex. Do the math. =)

Another thing : aiming for trifecta rings/gloves/ammy is probably a bit much, but I always try to at least get a BIfecta, if you understand. Those would be a notable upgrade, and bifectas, as I like to call them, are not that expensive. Myself, I go for crit chance and attack speed - but that's also because I'm running a FoT (Quickening)/Wave Of Light spamming build.

Also - get a belt that's cold resist, at least...? =)

That's what I got from a cursory look at your equipment. =) Now, back to the discussion.

OP, if you haven't done it already, kindly suggest putting in a note at the beginning of the original post reminding people of what I said above...

EDIT : Saw a 100K weapon in my original search, decided to repeat it, but with a 100K cap - surprise, I got TONS of weapons in the mid-800 DPS range! I'm sure you have 200K in your stash....=)
Silver, you're underestimating WKL, unless you're just a paperdoll dps stacker. A decent roll (24%) adds roughly 18% total damage to a monk using cyclone/FoT. This means my 63k unbuffed dps turns into about 75k, and my 72k blazing wrath self buffed dps turns to over 85k!! And keep in mind, my WKL is only 840 dps!! (i previously had an 820 dps one that was only 300 dps worse). Finding a weapon that adds ~12k dps over that is near impossible.

I just did some AH searching, I found a fist weapon with 100+ dex, 1225 dps, and a socket. That fist weapon was 45 million gold and was only a 9,500 dps upgrade over my wkl!! That means with the +light damage and +light skill dmg that weapon would actually be a 2,500 dps LOSS and my weapon cost me 5 million gold only.

I suggest you buy a WKL and give it a try, and watch stuff just absolutely melt. Unless you only play d3 to show off character screen dps, WKL is the perfect complement to Echoing Fury, or any other 1h build for that matter.
I see that, and understand (although my playing around with the new +% Elemental Dmg calculator on didn't let me see such huge increases in DPS if I were to use WKL) but even so - a 650 DPS weapon? I don't know, but I figure that even adding 25% to 34K DPS is not as much as adding a straight-up 10K, and for cheap. But what do I know. =)

In any case, I do plan on trying it out.
Oh, he'd removed that weapon by the time I looked, I assumed it was at least 800 dps. Yeah, 650 is pretty bad even if it's a 25% roll.
Big thanks to Shinsynn for creating this thread, it's been very helpful in trying to decide what to aim for!! I'm going for Inna's and dreaming of Natalya's two also... But the information was great, thanks for that :)
I'm shopping for a new pair of gloves. Maybe you guys can give some advice about this dilemma i'm having. Would you go for gloves with 6 ias 30 cd 8 cc or ones with 50 cd and 10 cc ?
So sorry all! I started a new job and I've been working ridiculously hard the last few weeks. I didn't even get on the internet for about a week due to sleeping when I'm not at work :(

I should have some more time to work on the thread this weekend, and it looks like we'll have a new patch soon to add even more information :)

If anyone here is playing the PTR for 1.0.5 and it looks to affect anything on the list, please add it here so we can put an additional comment in the OP warning Monks of potentially bad investments.

I have read all the comments and thanks to everyone for contributing. I will address comments and suggestions by the end of this weekend (OP updates included).

Thanks all!
high dex/vit stats blackthorns chest and belt with all res can be a very solid combo for the +100 vit. you can still use inna helm/pants with nat ring/boots.

check my profile to see the combo
Strongarm Bracers are a good legend piece for Monks. 100+ Dex 4.5% ChC and decent resist all and %life. Found a pair today with a nice roll. Currently on my profile. Would suggest for monks looking for good Crit to compete with lower Dex but higher Crit bracers.

I have a set with 6% ChC but lower dex. Strongs provided a nice balance of lower resist and ChC but higher damage output though higher Dex. The Life addition is a plus as well for those rocking below 900 Vit.

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