Monk tempest rush teleporting back ?

Bug Report
After using tempest rush, I'm supposed to be in front but instead I'm like using wizard skill
teleport back to the same spot like some kind of lag. but the enemies aren't going back to the same spot as if they are using vortex.

So I'm keep using tempest rush and my spirit is going down but somehow I'm back at the same spot and I keep using the skill and then 2nd time to go back and 3rd time.

It was after tanking and using all the serenity,healing skills,potions. I got killed by arcane ray.

Fix this bug. my monk was lev 57 by the way. =[
This is a bug that breaks the Tempest Rush skill.

I have used this skill to escape bad situations. The fact that it rubberbands you back to that bad place has led to many deaths.

This bug has been present since the first release.

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