DH Bola Shot Client Crash

Technical Support
(post hot fix still crashing pretty consistently)

What happens:
The client crashes (screen freezes/paused like a screen shot, Audio becomes broken record (almost white noise), main menu doesn't work, just completely frozen until Task Manager End Task).

When it occurs:
It has occurred consistently (6-10 times), each time when fighting elite packs using Bola Shot - Acid Stike in the exact same way: I fire the Bola, and stutter step backwards (Release shift), on the step backwards with the Bola projectile still in the air close to my character, the client crashes.

Champion affix is not consistent, (affixes have been different with each crash, no consistency)

Mob Type is not consistent. (Its occurred on melee packs, on ranged packs, all in different zones, Stonefort, Core of Arreat, Keep Depths etc).

Only constants seems to be:
--Only crashes while using Bola Shot - Acid Strike
--Only crashes when stutter stepping (usually near the beginning of the fight/all champions alive/near full hp).

Possible factors: (long shot)
I use QWER instead of 1 2 3 4 for my skills. I still use Shift to stutter step. And mouse button to shoot.
I am getting this same problem. I can only guess it has something to do with vault and bola shot and shift as I only notice it when I use those. Usually a vault, then shift to get bola shots. Same exact thing happens and has happened on two completely different computers.

I also use acid strike so i think its shift+bola that makes this happen. Happens alot too so please fix this. Getting rid of bola shot for now.
I like acid bola too much to stop using it, but this issue continues. Luckily it's only happened to me a couple of times since the patch.

It seems to happen to me when there are a great deal of monsters on the screen and I am stutter stepping. It always freezes when I am shooting the acid bola, never when I am using any of my other skills.
happens to me too
same here...

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