Graphic lag after 1.0.4 patch / FPS DROPS

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FWIW fellow gamers, i just updated my gefore drivers to the new ones released today - 306.23 for windows 7, 64 bit. Worse than before, I can't even play now because it just crashes instantly when I start a game. There are artifacts everywhere. Sweet.
I hope that doesn't happen to me! :(
It is getting worse tho, I've tried every solution. They are short fixes and they just get bad again.
Come on blizz I really just want to play the damn game I bought...
I'm getting like 10 fps, and, up until this point, I had no issues with fps/lag.

1gb vid card
8gb ram
win 7 64bit
i-5 3.1ghz

Low FPS causes hits/loh not to count and seems like potions don't apply timely either.
Acer Predator G3100.

Win 7 home premium.

Amd Phenom II X4 850 @ 3.30 GHz

8gb ram

Geforce 550 ti

Everything on low settings. Drops from 60 to 5.

GPU gets 99 degrees and downclocks itself when i WW farm.

Didnt happend before, if its all the crits done and monsters killed i dont know. But like poster above it seems like the more hits the more hot the GPU gets.

Well... done everything i can.

Also, fresh started D3 takes 500-600 ram and after one single Azmodan run its at 1200 ram usage.

Memory leak cause of damage/loh ?

Background program SteelSeriesEngine ?
New official Nvidia drivers today btw. No change in perfomance... going nuts over here. I want to be able to play my favorite game without risking to burn my card.
Ok. Been using an industrial fan to cool down the system and last Azmo run the gru only reached 93 degrees top. No downclocking. But still alot of fps drops when getting mighty blows and massacres. Also turning off the Crit dmg / Healing numbers helped alot. Definatly an overheating problem here. But theres definatly something fishy with dmg numbers on and healing numbers on.
Since about 5 days, about every 30 sec my fps drops from 70-80 to like 2-5 fps for about 3-5 seconds. During this time the game doesn't register keystrokes, and I often die due to this issue. This is very annoying. Seems allot of players are having this problem, so response would be nice!

Diablo 3 has always worked perfectly for me untill now. Other games are working fine.
Same here as well. I have an i7 OC 4.5 GHz and GTX 670. Why do I need to lower my settings with a GTX 670? Because since last patch I'm getting horrible FPS lags. I thought first it was Ping issues, but then again who knows.
Got myself a new card today and it sure fixed the heating problems i had with gf gtx 550ti, that card was performing worse then my 2-3 year old macbook.

New card is an Asus gf gtx660 with great cooling.

I can now play again atleast but drops are still there.

I would really LOVE to know which cores i should try disable on my cpu.

AMD Phenom II X4 850 3.30 GHz

I can use core 0 to 3. Please help me, which one should i use and not use ?

And ive found the fps drops are MUCH less without having any crit dmg hit dmg och healing numbers on. Might be worth a try if you didnt :)
I am also getting FPS drops since 1.04 patch, even with all settings turned down. Game ran smooth on High settings prior to 1.04. A friend I play with is having the same experience, as are other people according to various Diablo 3 forums I've read. I have made no software/hardware changes to my computer, it is the patch that is causing this. The other games I run, performance is unchanged.

I really think Blizzard representatives should acknowledge this issue because it's fairly obvious it exists solely because of their software update and not user function.

Again, this all started happening after 1.04 patch was released.
Blizz games are more processor and ram intense than video. They do better with higher megahertz, not necessarily more cores. Will run better on a 3+ghz machine rather than a 2.2 quad.

I'm running mid settings and I don't have lag or significant FPS drops. Its unthinkable that some of you have an amazing video card and seeing such drops or only seeing 15 fps.

I'm running with...

nVidia 9800GT
i5 3570
4gb 1300 ddr3

I also have one of the first copies of Win XP... I can't go past directx 9. D3 (at mid settings anyway) doesn't even put a dent in my system

Have you considered heat?

CPU and GPU performance drops substantially under high temps. Have you cleaned your heat sinks lately? Does your case have enough air flow? How hot is the case inside? Have you downloaded a temp monitoring program to look? Does your CPU need re-caked?

Have you tried a reinstall of the game?
Of directx?
Of the video drivers?

Do you have a sata drive for loading game data?
There are posts by people with brand spanking new machines that have stuttering and graphic lag whereas they did not on their old machine.
I have a damn nice setup that ran everything at high with no stuttering, no lag, at no point in the game.....until patch 1.0.4.
I have mild OCD.....I have not a nano speck of dust in my case and I measure and check chit a dozen times. I don't even surf the web at home because I can't stomach the thought of unneccesary files in my cache.

I have the micro-stuttering with FPS drops during even the most of UNdemanding graphic encounters. Again, this only began after 1.0.4. With NO changes to my system.

Only thing I have not tried yet is reinstalling the game but, again, others have tried that to no avail. However....I may give that a go tonight. I've been thinking about it for some time.

There is simply something within the game code/files that turn corrupt for a variety of reasons. I have done "fixes" that have seemingly done away with the stuttering only to have it reappear the next day.

Older computers seem to have little problem with this game.
solution for unstable fps when fighting mobs that worked for me...

download this program " Process Lasso " its like win task manager.

set game priority to real-time and affinity to 1 or 2 cores (mine was 0; 3)

set power manager to high performace and game mode right clicking program icon botton right

pc specs: athlon620x4 gtx560noti 4g

stable 60fps all time... 1920x1080 all high and nvia control set to quality

hope this wok 4 u guys
Its not a graphics, ram or CPU issue, its just LAG, I have a I7 3930k GTX 690 and 32 gig of ram, all was well until about a week ago, it is not our computers OR our ISP's, the problem is at Blizzards end, plain and simple, it looks like there are PLENTY of user having this issue....

BLIZZARD, why have he had no response to any of the threads on this issue???
Game is almost unplayable with an Energy Twister Wizard in the party, it's so choppy. Never had this problem prior to 1.04.
I also have this issue.

Pre 1.04 I had zero problems. Didn't even think of possible graphcis issue. Ever since 1.04 I get FPS issues pretty frequently. At first I thought it was the new molten effect crushing my machine....but that wasn't it.
I had a very similar issue, and while i am unable to explain why this solution worked for me, i suggest running the game in windowed firescreen, not normal fullscreen, and not normal windowed, the 3rd option with the parentheses. This is in the in-game options menu.
I've been having some kind of situation myself, which I had just made a topic about to see if I can somehow resolve it.

Essentially, there are times where the game will freeze on me, typically during a high action sequence, and stay that way for either a good 15 - 20 seconds or so (or just freeze completely), turn to a black screen, then the screen comes back and I am back in the game... though usually dead. This has ONLY happened since the patch hit. Also, I do get MINUTE lag here and there when I move, but that usually resolves itself in a right hurry.

I have the EXACT same problem, and it starts happening to me only since last week (I was playing since July).

Any solutions?
Hi Where is the love blizz?
this isnt just some random problem. its going on with 1000 of people my friends as well. ever since that damn patch!

i have the same issue. i had NO PROBLEM! everything on MAX
no issues.

now i have everything off and everything low. and boom! FPS massive drop when stuff is going on and the game just feels like its STUTTERING!

Drivers are up to date

running Xeon core
Nvidia quadro 5000m

my card runs at a cool 70 to 75c. after 45 mins with Diablo 3 boom! up to 85c? its never ever gotten that hot. that was on my 6 cores all of them was above 80.. thats insane.

what is your game doing to our machines?
Every friend I play with is experiencing the same issue: a huge FPS drop since patch. If this issue is not addressed with the next patch, I will most likely quit. My computer exceeds the recommended requirements to play this game and it is almost unplayable during partys.

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