I still think Zoltun Kulle was good.

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i think zoltun kulle is an rather interesting charakter never quite thought about him as much though
but i too cant disagree with this post stating him beeing actually good
i think this charakter is actually a good part of d3
09/13/2013 07:42 AMPosted by Millennium
What? Was there some information regarding Kulle I missed or something?

LootRunComplete - You finished your first Loot Run!
When you find additional Portal Keystones, take them to Zoltun Kulle to open new Loot Runs.
LootRunItemPickedUp - You have found a Portal Keystone!
Take it to Zoltun Kulle to open a Loot Run.

He is back man !

Diablofans leak is the source.
a men that always laught its not good, did u ever hear Decard Cain laught?
Made some freacking secret laboratory etc underground?

I hope its gone and never come back!
"You are surrounded by deceit, young one. I am the least of your concerns."

You are surrounded by deceit

"WHAT IS THIS?! How has this happened? The souls of the dead lords of hell have been absorbed into the stone! Abandon your quest, Nephalem. Your allies seek only to control you. With the power I offer, you and I could rule over all creation!"

Abandon your quest, Nephalem. Your allies seek only to control you.

Your allies seek only to control you.
Credit where credit is due.


this is a Blizzard game

so say it with me now people





And now we know who that came from first.

08/28/2012 06:53 AMPosted by TarHeel
Kulle story bro
Problem was that Kulle wanted to empower all humans, and we all know that human isn't excatly the best to empower, as it always ends up in powerstruggle.
Any character that Steven Blum voices I automatically fall in love with, even if they're supposed to be a corrupt and terrible person.

Sorry, I am inherently biased.

Contrasted to Khulle who I almost wanted to quit playing the game when given no choice but to kill the only person who seemed to understand how we were being played for fools by angels, demons and allies alike. At no point playing through the story the first time did I think of him as a villain. I loved him. He was awesome, and he was pointing out the real villain (Adria) from the time you meet him. Yet for no reason at all our character stabs him in the back and kills him.

I watched an interesting movie the other day "Thank you for Smoking" in which a tobacco lobbyist is teaching his son how to win an argument that should not be in your favor. If you can counter the point to make the other side look worse, you look better.

In this case we observe the realms that he created along with some failed ones. We see the torture that must have went on. We here him tell us that the needless sacrifice of the innocent is something that even the Angel of Justice would not do. So we are to believe that he is against such genocide. The catch of course being *needless*; in his mind, his ends justified his means.

In a moment of realization, we execute Kulle realizing that Angels are no better than Demons, and we are also better off without Kulle as well. The Demons and Angels wanted to eliminate the threat of humans. Kulle wanted a race of his own kind, even if it meant sacrificing quite a few of us to achieve that goal. So while he is not only betrayer to mankind, he is certainly one of them.

I believe you're talking about Reductio ad absurdum.
09/13/2013 09:35 AMPosted by Halothus
We should have the option to choose Zoltun Kulle's side. The game is way to linear anyway so this is a good idea.


The first playthrough, I figured out that Mr. Death by Butterfly had to die because of Miss Turncoat, once we found Ms. Turncoat.
I knew she was up to no good for that reason.
And the voice acting.

Seriously: They must have TOLD the actor to act like "a decietful double-crossing hag", because I knew she was going to betray us long before act 2 was over.
Had not the voice acting given her away, I might have lasted until AFTER the battle with Kulle -- but when I came to fight Kulle, I hoped I would be able to kill Ms. Turncoat instead or at the very least NOT be completely stupid, and foil her plans.

That ruined the story for me, late act 2.
The whole of act 3 -- I had to watch the villain go on and do whatever she wanted without the possibility of interaction.

Like; My wizard had 500 intelligence at that point. Why doesn't she understand anything?
09/13/2013 02:17 PMPosted by STK

So, Zoltun Kulle was both a good guy and hipster?
IMO Diablo3 story was reaaaally bad in terms of how cartoonish and stupid the characters where depicted, overall.

Belial, The Lord of Lies, acts like a stooge/child thinking he's building an almight scheme of lies and deception when you can see through him at your first gameplay ever.
You don't get to hate him, you don't get to despise him, you're not bothered with his lies or made a fool so that you really want to kill him. You simply go "lololol fool demon" and kill Belial because you have to kill Belial.

Azmodan, The Hellish Tactician, almighty general of demon legions... seems more like a extremely comical cartoonished vilain. "Oh, you killed "x" minions, no worries...I'll send "y" minions! Oh you killed "y" minions, I didn't need them in the first place...let me send you now "w" minions!! Oh you killed my useless "w" minions uahuaha...that's according to my plan...let me send you now my "t" minions!! Oh, "t" minions were not a threat, but I knew that...here take on these "p" minions..."
Not only that, but he can send an image of himself to me to blabber about how he gonna smash me but he still send letters to his legions through some bird-like demon?!?! Like, really??

ZK was sadly ill-developed, imo. He had the potential to be a truly amazing character but not only he was depicted as completely evil, with his emotes, laugh and speech, we also didn't have a choice at all.
It doesn't even make any sense, he keeps his side of the deal, makes an offer for the hero to join him and you simply go smacking his face?! Like...the hero got what it wanted and killed him!!
Not only that, but considering the story of ZK immense power and the difficulties they had to kill him in the past...you just go there and hit his face till he drops dead?!?!?!? Really???

ZK was right and I'd have joined him. But why would we have choices...
I think more should be done with Zolton Kulle. Since we did bring him back to life, and then shortly after killed him again. (Poor Kulle). To be honest, his part of the story was the only one I found thoroughly enjoyable. I don't mean I love that part of act 2, because, without him, would of just been "meh". But him as a character, was well written, and well voiced (kudos to the actor). Unfortunately, it seems every single other character in the game is trying to reinforce some sort of ridiculous stereotype perpetuated by their skin color, and the amount of facial hair they may have. "Look! more heeeden footpreents!" Welp, too late to change that phrase, that will be stuck in my mind forever, annoying the hell out of me. But good thing in act 1, there was a well developed non annoying sequence of events, and ultimately a horrifying witch that kills Cain. Oh wait, no, Cain was killed non-dramatically by an annoying fairy princess for seemingly no reason. Completely, Forgot.
Diablo 3 story line = angels + nephlam vs demons

Kulle wanted angles vs nephlam vs demons

It all depends on how you hold a grudge since more of the archangels hate humans.

He wanted mankind to be free of demonic/angelic influences, just as the stories in Greek/Roman mythos.

He was the GOOD GUY, but his brothers in the order wanted to hold on to serving the angels and for that he was vilified. I think it was at that point he resorted to more drastic measures. Yes he got lost along the way, but I think he had was more selfless at the start than people think.

Too bad this character was not developed. He appears briefly... all that history and stories he could have taught us to get a deeper understanding of Sanctuary but nooooo... he just became another 'key' to open another quest.
Love his laugh and in ubrs he can be such a pain hahaha, not hard, just a pain!
10/31/2013 10:06 AMPosted by Angst
Love his laugh and in ubrs he can be such a pain hahaha, not hard, just a pain!

His Uber Boss version is a nightmare though.
holy necro thread batman
i agree
I just wanted to add, Kulle did warn you that Adria was using you, didn't he?
That will be it!

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