I still think Zoltun Kulle was good.

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Kulle had some serious mental issues, but his heart was in the right place.
08/28/2012 07:51 AMPosted by ImJon
Kulle had some serious mental issues, but his heart was in the right place.

Yeah, right where the quest tracker said it would be.
He was a thousand times Kuller than Adria.
Good and evil are all just a matter of perspective.
08/28/2012 07:08 AMPosted by escorpion
I like the guy too. Kulle for pres 2012.

Yes at least he knows that there is no justice in murder...
ya he was the best character in the game, for some reason he had a mysterious type feeling that urged you to plunge deeper into his story, they could of done a lot with ZK, he should of convinced the hero(s) that angels and demons were no different and the Nephelam should reign over both heaven and hell

besides..a cinematic with ZK slapping Imperious and Diablo around at the same time would of been awesome

Imperious: Nephelam look what your kind has wrought!
Diablo: How taste your fear Nephelam?!
ZK: -laugh, explosion, winning-

best voice acting in the game, hands down
ZC 2012
I think Kulle is an example of Chaotic Good. He laughs because no one is interested in knowing any hidden truths. Like the templar not wanting to know the origins of his order, or Leah not being curious about what betrayal might be going on. And then we kill him with a sharp stick? I hope its not permanent.
Kulle was a bad guy because he ended every interaction with you by letting out a maniacally evil cackle. C'mon!
I want a bumper sticker that says "Don't blame me, I voted for Kulle"
This is like saying a Politician is good, because he says he wants to rid the citizens of the Republican and Democratic Parties long time war. Sorry.....Politician=Agenda=usually not good.
My favorite character probably. I thought the voice acting was great.
08/28/2012 10:19 AMPosted by Khendo
ya he was the best character in the game, for some reason he had a mysterious type feeling that urged you to plunge deeper into his story

I guess I'm the only one that was completed irritated at the whole Kulle part of the story. I felt the complete opposite. It was so poorly written that from the moment you first hear about Kulle, you knew what was gonna happen. The only deeper part of his story that I wanted to delve into was how to get him to leave me alone.

My favorite part of the whole game was the first play through in normal when I finally got to kill him... just so he would shut up and quit following me around.

Worst part of the whole game if you ask me.

I agree his story was hack, but the actual concept and character was cool. And the whispering he would do trying to sow discord was pretty cool. And, when you get to the bottom of it, he just believed that mankind should be free from control of both Angels and Demons. Is that so bad?
What doesn't make sense is how quickly you killed him. He gets the soulstone set up and something weird happens, making him realize that Adria has not told everyone what's actually going on. For some reason, your character just decides that this means he's bad and must die, rather than saying "hey Adria...wtf is really going on here?"

I really, really hope he comes back as some sort of protagonist later, he was a great character.

Not to mention that the Horadrim couldn't kill him, they could only drain his blood and separate his head from his body...and yet you have no issues at all.
Sure he might have been a power-hungry Horadrim renegade, but he did aim to save mankind from the consequences of meaningless, never ending battles of angels of demons and their plots against Nephalem.

Ensuring the safety and well being of one's race, now that's something I would hardly call evil.

Actually if u pay attention and read leia's journal right after kulles defeat, you will see that he went back on his bargin because he saw that the 2 LOH were bound together in the stone, which was done by adria to facilitate diablos rise. Kulle was trying to prevent the end result and was killed for it. You were just a puppet in diablos web, and you killed the man who tried to save you.
Yea man, I was digging Kulle during my first char play through. Right before the fight hit, and he asked me to join him, I was muttering, "Uh, yea man, sounds like a plan let's do it." lol
08/28/2012 11:26 AMPosted by Khendo
I dunno... for a M rated game, the story sure did play out like it was for 10-12 year olds.

This is a very VERY fair point.

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