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I just felt the need to throw this out there for anyone who has kinda heard about the Razer Nostromo (RN), created through Belken.

I mot recently had to purchase the newest model, since while playing a long night of Diablo 3 I knocked over my Dr Pep all over the original one,.. major sad face! so the next day I stopped in to best buy and picked up the new one.

This was seriously thee best thing I have done for how simple and brilliant this device is! The profiles are not able to have up to 8 Different Keymaps which you can Cycle through (my preferred method) or say choose the direction pad to momentarily select a different keymap while you press up or down. There major reason this is such a nice tool to use is the simple way you record MACROS. Right now the best combo for my Wizard is that I instantly cast at the same time 3 Spells:

Explosive Blast (time bomb) 315% of 760 as physical
Slow Time (time warp) enemies take +20% damage
Diamond Skin (crystal shell) absorb 7687 damage

Currently I am working on a nice combo for my Demon Hunter since I am a major fan of the duel Vault I want to preform a very nice fast double after I lay a trap to give distance.
I happy for you. It is nice to have nice stuff :)

I'm not a big PC gamer, but I am a fan of the Diablo series. So in anticipation of D3 I decided $60 just wasn't enough ;) and splurged on a Razer Vespula mouse pad and the new Naga Hex mouse. I'm happy with my purchases, the customizable features on the Hex are awesome. However, I did have some grief, okay a lot of grief with my Naga. The first issue I had was a firmware update that turned my mouse into a paper weight :(

I contacted customer service via email, phone, and telegraph, to make sure my $70 mouse started to work again; oh yeah, this happened about two weeks before D3 released. Well they sent me a link that brought my mouse back to life #:-S

My problems didn't end there though. Soon after my cursor would get stuck in one spot for a half second or so, very frustrating. They finally came out with an update that fixed that problem. So I'm golden... for now :)
Well that really sucks that the mouse had that many issues =( I use a trackball since I don't like moving the mouse around, but if they come out with one for design/gaming that would be cool!

I do web development and other graphic, so I actually use the Nostromo for work related tasks to be able to switch view point and also fast select different short-cuts. I am gonna test out a few macros and see how detailed they can be. I want to start storing code snippets into once button functions which will save a lot of time for me.

I am happy that they were able to resolve the issues you had! I totally know your frustration with the mice not working since if I was working in Illustrator or a CAD Program and the arrow was frozen or whatnot I would go ballistic and in a game that could mean sudden death!

Once they are able to incorporate something like this into more Computer Games I think game experiences will change drastically.

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Yes do not buy the older belken version if you find one still kicking around a store shelf. They are not supported for use with win7. Get the new version like the op Xeroan from razer.
I DO like razor mice, after I bought a Copperhead. Only problem was that back then (still?) they failed fairly quickly. About 2 years in it died (which I expected when I bought it). But I'll readily admit Those Razers are damn comfortable and well priced. If you don'[t mind dropping $40 in a mouse ever 2 or three years, I'd highly recommend them as well.
I just made it into my second Paragon Level with my Wizard Circe.

Circe 60(2) Wizard Inferno HD

You can see usually I end up casting all three spell blocks 2,3, & 4 at the same time using the Nostromo. I used Ezvid.com free screen capture software. It has no real edit integration into it so I exported it to HD Web Ready with Nero Vision.

Hope you enjoy, she is growing up into such a beast (◕‿-)

*make note at how fast my cooldowns reset during a battle, I think it's pretty cool!
Im not a fan of Razor mice or keyboards. Their mouse pads are good though :) . They just feel too cheap and "plasticy" for me. If you have a standard mouse then yes a Razor is a nice upgrade.

Personally I find Logitech have the best. The Logi G9x was rated one of the best mice for years and far surpasses the Razors in my opinion.

Feels great in the hand. Super smooth like moving the mouse on ice.
The weight is adjustable and doesnt feel or 'click' like a cheap mouse.
Enough buttons that I don't use them all.
Sexy adjustable lights lol.
The mouse wheel, with a click of a button, becomes a 'super speed' scroller which is fantastic on my vertical long screen monitor.
Programmable mouse sensitivity.

Anyway, I don't mind Razor. With my experience its mostly hype. Its like buying a car because you like the colour. The actual vehicle isnt that great. But thats my 2 cents.
I have the nostromo.... I like it but your keyboard has alot more buttons and doesnt cost sixty bucks. Im not too nimble with my left hand so I do like that the nostromo in that its keys are laid out in a very orderly inline fashion which makes it easy to mentally visualize the layout. I tried the logitech one but personally found the layout hard get my hand into. Maybe if I had given the logitech some more time. Using the nostromo for gw2 also and I kinda wish it had a few more buttons. Thinking of making myself a couple left and right strafing foot pedals if I can find out how on the web. Chuckle. .. I am such a gimp with almost no dexterity.
I'm with OoieGooie on this one. Logitech makes the better products.

Right now I'm running a G700 mouse and G510 keyboard and I love them both. Cost me about @200 for the pair but worth the money in my opinion. The G510 is a massive board and the G700 is extremely comfortable. Both have programmable keys for macros and commands.

Prior to this setup I was using a Logitech Internet Navigator keyboard that I had for roughly 7 years and it still works and is now used on my Xbox and I've had an MX510 for about 6 years that is still working. I also had a version 1 G5 mouse but didn't like the fact that it had only a back button instead of both back and forward side button like the MX510 but I sold it to a friend.

Bottom line is that Logitech makes amazing gaming devices that just last forever.

If you like the Nostromo, you should check out Logitech's G13 Advanced Gameboard. It's a whole new beast.
hey guys,

I just got the razer and when i downloaded the software i selected the pokerstars setup by accident now it won't let me switch it to diablo 3. Anyone know how to switch the set up or set it up specifically for D3? thanks

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