What's with the GW2 patch?

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Their forums are down and I'm apparently downloading a patch around 3-5 gigs anyways I don't care about how much the whiners are ranting about guild wars 2 but I've tried WoW for 6 years and a few months for Warhammer, AoC including the beta launches of Tera and The Secret World. Didn't touch Aion, Rift and SWTOR though since my friend didn't recommend them and I believe in his advice.

Tried a character of a friend of mine who pre-purchased it for about 4 hours during early launch and after that play-through I think it's going to sit with me for a year or two at most and I personally say that it's a good buy that is worth your money but seriously what is it with this gigantic patch? this is my first guild wars of the series too.

My brother also wants to buy it but he lives in the middle-east and I'm in south east asia, is it like in Diablo 3 where you can change servers? or will he only get the EU version of GW2? since I have the US version.

P.S. I'm at around 1.7 gigs now..... damn...
You can choose to be on the same realm when you set up your characters. I have some US people in my EU guild and there don't seem to be any problems.

Apparently, though I haven't tested this, you don't even need to be on the same realms to play with someone because you can 'guest' on other servers somehow.
Guesting is not in right now because server transfers are free
Probably the regular patch if this is the first day of your GW2 experience, dont know if you installed from a disc or download from their page.

If its from a disc that would explain the big patch.

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