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In patch 1.0.5, we will be fixing a bug with Trail of Cinders that is causing the rune to deal five times more damage than intended. As a result of this fix, the amount of damage done by Trail of Cinders will be reduced from its current value (1500% weapon damage over 3 seconds) to the value we originally designed for 1.0.4, which is 300% weapon damage over 3 seconds. While this bug was discovered very quickly after 1.0.4 released and is capable of being hotfixed, we didn't want to move forward with the fix without giving players proper notice. We also know that players are having fun using Trail of Cinders in their builds, so -- although this is an important issue we want to address -- we're opting to wait for the next client patch to make any adjustments.

We recognize that some builds which currently use Trail of Cinders will no longer be viable once this bug is fixed. Ultimately, we want to continue to provide players with more build options and ways to feel creative with their skill/gear selections, but not at the expense of going against our design goals or creating situations which can encourage players to limit themselves defensively.

In this case, Discipline-based skills were never intended to trump Hatred-based skills when it comes to dealing damage. Instead, Discipline was designed to be something you build up and save to use defensively, or to provide utility in addition to dealing damage. Allowing Trail of Cinders to remain in its current form goes against this philosophy, and in addition creates risky scenarios for players (after all, if you’re incentivized to spend all your Discipline doing damage, it won’t be available when you need it to keep yourself alive with skills like Smoke Screen or Shadow Power).

We don't yet have a date for when 1.0.5 will be released, but we'll provide more information as the development process continues. We'll also update this thread with a reminder once we're close to releasing the patch.
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But why do you call it a "bug" when it's obviously a "oops we forgot to test this"?
I think the nerf is too much. Its only strong when you have a 4 piece legacy nats set anyways.
RIP ToC :(
Agree not a bug a bug is something that is doing something not as intended. It is dealing 1500% damage it is working as it was designed. What you are saying is that 1500% is simply too much and we need to reduce it.
Why not leave it as is and let players make the choice? It's not like this skill breaks the game, to me it is more of a gimmick than anything no matter if the damage is bugged or not.

This is what the community gives developers flack for all the time; controlling people and telling them what is fun and how to play. If they waste their discipline and die, who cares?
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Yet whirlwind batbs will never be touched...
So you're "fixing" the only currently fun thing about Demon Hunters, and leave WW Barbs alone?

My husband just leveled his Barb to 60 LAST WEEKEND and is absolutely melting A3 in mediocre gear as a WW Barb. My gear isn't great, but it's decent and I don't have nearly the ease he does.

Your bias is disgusting.
Didn't the patch notes clearly state the damage was going up to 1500%?
How is that a bug?
here Dh is a new build for you. now lets take it away. no givsies backsies.

- blizzard you are so fail -- still have not found a single "good" legendary and i have hundreds of hours logged. it wouls be nice to find a set item or something of value that i can actually use
This is hilarious.
Seriously hilarious.
People start using tank DHs - nerfed to the ground
People start using ToC DHs - nerfed to the ground

Play glass cannon or don't play at all apparently.
08/31/2012 04:51 PMPosted by lilbuddhaman
But why do you call it a "bug" when it's obviously a "oops we forgot to test this"?

08/31/2012 04:43 PMPosted by Lylirra
In patch 1.0.5, we will be fixing a bug with Trail of Cinders that is causing the rune to deal five times more damage than intended.

ROFL a bug.
Something is fun and effective? Must be a bug.
It is pretty strong, however I dont think that 300% per/sec is enough really. I mean how much damage does an elites molten tick for? Ill answer that for you....A SHl%Lo@D. I mean really that was probably the most fun ive had on my DH yet...Oops..i forgot that i dont really know what fun is though...

As I do agree with the nerf, I think you should seriously consider NOT nerfing it so hard.
What a silly change. If you see anyone using Trail of Cinders when it does 300% tell me. Half our skills are already useless. A good amount of our passive is worthless making 2-3 passive pretty much mandatory.
what a joke did blizzard became.
they will just keep nerfing every good build so people would spend money on new itens.

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