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So tonight the horrific happened. While identifying and selling a swath of rares, I right clicked once too often and accidentally switched the garbage mace i had just identified with my primary weapon axe I paid $220 for 2 months ago on the rmah. Oblivious to my mis-click, I sold the swath of crap ilvl 63 rares, my $220 axe included.

So I accept the fact that my carelessness led to this result. That said, the UI should never have let me get in this situation.

A. It is a very common scenario for players to identify large numbers of rares in one sitting. Aside from the new paragon ranks, that is the endgame.

B. There is no way to identify those items outside of right clicking. Accidentally right click twice on the same item though....and you just switched the piece of gear you identified with what you had equipped.

How does this happen?

You identify something, confirm its crap, then try to identify the thing next to it, but wing it and accidentally hit the thing you just identified and confirmed was sell bait. You right click again on the next unid piece and continue on your merry way. Then you go sell (carelessly counting on the fact it was all crap when you identified it so you don't review it again_ and BAM just sold a piece of your equipped gear).

The right click to equip/swap items from inventory to equipped is a horribly dangerous UI element. It should be altered by one of the following:

1. Exclusively requiring drag and drop to equip items. Since you very rarely equip something new (especially compared to identifying things) this wouldnt really be burdensome.
2. If there must be a key combo, force the user to shift right click to alter equipped slots. Then its different then the identical mouse stroke used to identify something (save for the item context, id vs. unid)
3. Alter how items are identified from right clicking on them to some other keystroke or combo keystroke

Could also flag items purchased through the RMAH and prompt a warning before selling to a merchant.

I love d3, have been enjoying it since launch, was a long time d1, d2 (even spiritual cousins HGL and HGG) fan and player. I think you have created a great game Blizzard and 1.04 is a great improvement, but honestly after traveling the last week and not being able to do more than AH surf over hotel wifi. I was really looking forward to playing a bunch this weekend and raising paragon ranks, now.... I feel gut shotted and dont really want to play at all.

The UI can be improved to prevent this situation from happening. It should be.
You can buy back the items you've sold and the list will just scroll back through all of them. As you buy them back get to the one you miss sold and buy it back. then sell the others you didn't want back.
You should be able to recover your axe through custom support. Call them or submit a ticket before too late.
Yeah, there should be an option to disable right-click equipping. I was just thinking about this the other day. It's easy to accidentally equip something you've just identified when you're going through your inventory IDing a bunch of rares. I've done it many times.

I always glance at my dps number before closing the merchant window to ensure that I haven't inadvertently sold any of my gear.
I too have caught this situation 4-5 times previous. This was the first time it slipped through, to fairly devastating effect.

Thing is, there is no benefit I can see to being able to so easily switch your gear (just a simple right click) only detriment. Accidentally vending stuff in your inventory is one thing. Accidentally vending equipped gear is another, which is effectively what happens with how easy (and likely to happen given the most common endgame identification scenarios) it is to accidentally switch equipped gear with inventory.

Good UI design shouldn't allow the user to hang themselves (or generate the noose anyways) with accidental clicks in very common scenarios.
i will try this, didnt realize this was available for non hacking situations.
Just be more careful next time, how many times can you accedentaly right click on an item, I always check items when I sell them also since you do have to hover the cursor over the item your selling and then right click it, its a very hard mistake to make to be honest unless your just playing on a really small monitor or somthing?
Oh this is the society we live in where the blame lays on the game and not the person who actually did the action. Dood I did the same thing with one of my items and I didn't go running to the boards going OMG BLIZZZ it's all YOUR FAULTTTT WWAHHHHH!!!

You're the one that messed this one up. Own up.
wow 220 dollars buys me gas for a month. . .
Pay more attention to what you're doing? Not anyone's fault but your own.
This is in the purest sense of the term
"being bad at the game".
Are you honestly saying you're so
handicapped you need a lock-item option
on all your equipment?
apparently reading comprehension isnt your strong suit racinwrx.

I quote from my original post.

"So I accept the fact that my carelessness led to this result. That said, the UI should never have let me get in this situation."

This isnt a matter of blaming Blizzard. What you say is true, my actions/clicks absolutely led to this result. Again that said, the UI makes this way too easy to inadvertently sell stuff you dont want to. I think the folks posting about how they have nearly done this evidences that. Its something Blizzard should address, plain and simple. Its to everyone in the games benefit. Its plain not fun to sell something you dont want to, regardless of whether you spent $220 or 110mil gold, or 5mil gold on it for that matter. Its also not fun to worry about that, K0re has a system in place to check against this (something I will clearly have to adpot). I doubt he thinks its "fun" to check his dps after vendoring stuff to make sure he didnt inadvertently sell an item he had equipped.
you payed $220? lawl.
08/31/2012 11:55 PMPosted by RedChief
"So I accept the fact that my carelessness led to this result. That said, the UI should never have let me get in this situation."

Actually it was this very quote that led me to write what I wrote. You knew it was your fault and yet you still think Blizz needs to implement something? It was your inattention to detail - not Blizzard's that led you to your mistake.
$220 is like $5 dollars to some

One man's treasure is another man's trash

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