Fix the UI! $220 weapon accidentally sold

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glad you lost your items you idiot retard with 220$ lolz

maybe one day your balls will drop and you'll realize how much of nozzle you are
03/31/2013 12:37 PMPosted by Baconan
I just love people who will defend this bad game design decision

Well if not this you would have found something else to complain about. Stating the obvious that it is his fault is not defending anything. It is what it is an i'd hazard a guess it will be looked at but I cannot see making something players have control over taking precedent over other things that need to be worked on. If a bug exist that needs to be addressed. An issue like this while it should be looked at is preventable by the player. It is not like this is the first time.

That said I take issue with those coming down on the op. He is not stupid because he chose to buy an item for 220.00. That is his decision to make and he does not need or deserve your remarks. Just a bunch of people that wish they could buy an item. I have to wonder how many of them spend more than that in a month buying smokes an beer.
Yup....I mistakenly sold a blackthorns belt in act 3. You're hurrying to get back to the action, and there was a bug that caused you to exit the interaction window with the vendor on the left by the jeweler when a message pops in. All this creates a confusing situation where mistakes can be made. I haven't seen that bug in awhile, but don't use that vendor anymore - so I wouldn't know. I also sold some good gloves by mistake too - while trying to be careful! That, plus the tedium of never ending wimpy rares caused my to adopt a policy of never picking up anything but a few rares and leg's only.
yup.. i think i like this i dea.. what about using shift right click or something so that items you identify dont switch that fast ;) might have an accident with his whooping 220usd item :)
I don't think a single thing needs to be done. Just pay attention to what the heck you're doing, is it that hard?
since im agaisnt RMAH and its users, Im happy u lost your 220 bucks item
03/28/2013 07:12 PMPosted by Wormbait
If you had played the game and earned the gold i might have felt sorry for you. Since you paid $$ for botted gold then sold your Pay to Win gear i think it's quite hilarious.

Cause everyone has such great luck with RNG and actually getting good drops. Id rather pay half a day's paycheck and get some decent gear rather than beat my face against a wall cause Im dying in Act 2 to wasps cause most of my gear isnt even level 60 like I did the first few months after launch.
While it is ultimately the fault of the user, if so many people are having the same problem, you can (and should) look to the interface for a solution.

This doesn't mean Blizzard should be at fault for any stupid thing a user does to their own detriment, but if enough people have the same problem, eventually you need to look at the UI.
I don't care for how much people buy stuff and even IF they buy stuff. Their money, they choose what to spend on.

Now...while I haven't killed as much elites as some people I already killed quite a considerable amount and looted quite a considerable amount of rares and not even ONCE did I sell something I was using or even swap places.

I mean, I consider myself a rather average person and player...just find weird how people actually accomplish that...
220$ on pixels.

LOL, Im pretty happy you sold it, idiot.
03/28/2013 06:24 PMPosted by Ramminar
Blizzard can't fix stupid.

220$ on pixels.

LOL, Im pretty happy you sold it, idiot.

LOL, how much have you paid for your pixel wow account?
this is the funniest thing i've read on this forums
I can't believe something like this has surfaced's simple.

1) Go to the blacksmith.

2) Click on the repair tab

3) Click or UNID away as you will NEVER switch out your items this way

Have a nice day ^^

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