Fix the UI! $220 weapon accidentally sold

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09/01/2012 12:50 AMPosted by RoDenT
Make it an option. Not a "you must do this cuz user error too strong". Drag and drop...heh no thanks.

Fair enough, we are all happy with the option.
exact same thing happened me to a month back. lost two of my best items to this. i asked for help from blizzard and they won't help, even after i report that there's been a bug.
Does it not register in your brain that if you go to right click the next item, to unid it and nothing happens, that maybe you misclicked? And that possibly you clicked on an already identified item?

Still, I have misclicked many times before (but I notice), so, your point is valid. Requiring to hold shift + right click to equip sounds like a good solution to me. After all, you have to hold alt to equip items in your off hand and alternate ring slot.

So first I appreciate the support.

Second, yes, usually it does register, tonight it just didnt..... Thing is you've, and me before tonight, and probably 25 other folks who are reading this thread have noticed on all your misclicks up to now, but at some point one will slip through and it sucks. And even if it never does, being vigilient to catch this sort of mistake just isnt much fun imo.
thats happened to me too, i accidently equip the gear right after i ID it

happened because i'm not patience lol, but luckily i often see gear stats before sell it to vendor.
so i notice it right away and thinking "thx god, that was close"

right now before i sell stuff to vendor i often check on my DPS
if my DPS number is fishy, time to double check :)

yeah maybe they should added "Lock/Unlock" feature to the gear we choose, so it can't be droped/sold to vendor
09/01/2012 01:03 AMPosted by Megademon
exact same thing happened me to a month back. lost two of my best items to this. i asked for help from blizzard and they won't help, even after i report that there's been a bug.

So I can understand Blizzards policy to not engage in customer support for missold, mis-salvaged items....which for those interested can be found in: Since there is so much opportuniity for noise/abuse from folks trying to get over.

Whether this UI scenario rises to the level of a bug, not sure, but I think its close enough that Blizzard should provide the mechanism for folks to prevent it from happening (option to turn off right click equipping).

I think the Blizzard team does read and take feedback from these forums, and the suggestions to proactively address this situation are reasonable. They probably are not aware of the extent of the folks this has impacted (whether by actually vending something you didnt intend, or just spending "not fun" time watching it like a hawk). So hopefully this thread will help bring it to their attention.
You can't identify rares in the vendor screen.
08/31/2012 11:24 PMPosted by RedChief
I too have caught this situation 4-5 times previous. This was the first time it slipped through, to fairly devastating effect.

then the problem is with you, not the game. Diablo III isn't what we hoped it would be, but stop blaming it for your mistakes
lol @ people criticizing him for paying $220. Get out of the basement and get a real job. You spend less time to make that $220 than to manually farm for the gold.
Stop bashing him for spending real money on the game. It's his money and his decision so why do you care so much. His problem is a legitimate concern and there should be a way for us to lock our equipment.
OP, good post. the ppl lawling at you are jealous they are poor.

you do have good points, i like the idea of exclusively dragging and dropping items you want to equipit never has happened to me but it'd be a lot less "stressful" if i knew there was zero chance i'd accidently salvage/sell one of my equipped items by just 1 right click.
09/01/2012 01:03 AMPosted by Megademon
exact same thing happened me to a month back. lost two of my best items to this. i asked for help from blizzard and they won't help, even after i report that there's been a bug.

Problem is...It's not a bug.

You not being patient is NOT a bug.
You not noticing a great big question mark in the middle of your items is NOT a bug.
You not noticing that you vendored something and hitting the buy back button is NOT a bug.
Jeez, I can live for a month in Nepal with 220 bucks in my pocket...
this is why i mass id my full invent before looking at the stats.

when you id an item, a yellow border surrounds the item. (this border goes away when the item is hovered over).

after all items are identified, i slide my mouse horizontally over each item.

before i vendor, i check my dps to make sure it's the same to ensure no switches have been made.
I have this happen to me sometimes but I always notice it in time and just switch the gear back. Just take a good look at the three stats in the bottom right before selling it. If you see like three greens instead of three reds then you know there is something wrong.
It isn't a bug, it is very poor UI design that 3 actions all share the same button and can't be remapped. You can swap, id, and sell all with right click and you can't change the button. The mistake he is describing is too easy to make. Is he responsible for it? Of course. The poor design requires more caution than he showed. But I don't think anyone can defend the design as being well done and well tested.
The actual fix to this would be an identify all button... I have also switched gear innadvetantly... Luckily i noticed a huge drop in dps and checked my gear prior to vending, which would have gotten me salvage mats! So ya there needs to be a change, but not on the end you have proposed but on the id end in my opinion...
I have never done this but, YEAH, just remove the ability to right-click-equip items. There is absolutely no need for this function unless you want to quickswap to MF gear, which they want to prevent anyways!

I have accedently swaped items while selling but cought myself every time, I can only imagine how many times people acualy sold something they were wearing.

$220 is like $5 dollars to someOne man's treasure is another man's trash

Good point. Someone out there makes 220$ in half an hour so obviously blizzard should not be concerned about this happening to people.

/end sarcasm
There should be like an equipment lock like some MMOs

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