Fix the UI! $220 weapon accidentally sold

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this reply is:

25% "dang that sucks",
25% "owned! plz sink more gg weps so i can be rich too, one day!"
50% "well if some ppl didn't rush so hard in pubs, maybe you could take the extra 20-30 seconds to do a proper sell trip. but no. they just want to keep pushing ahead. then the shoppers have to backtrack for a bunch of loot; while the rushers push ahead, and so on and so forth"
One easy fix: a-single-click-identify-all process, jule like in D2 with Cain.

I still don't know why they want us to click/wait for each item we identify.

At least they should improve it that way:
The good news is that you should be able to find a similar weapon nowadays for $10.
Yeah, I don't think the UI should be changed. I've done it on other games and have learned from my mistakes. But there's a certain point where the developers shouldn't be responsible for your mishaps.
With modern tech it's not hard to add to, say, patch or 1.0.5 the ability for players to tag items with a colorful ribbon at the item's corner: hold 1 when right-click an item = keep this godly item, hold 2 when RC = consider later, hold 3 and RC = sell this crap.
I don't get why people are attacking the OP for paying for a bunch of bits. Times have changed. Tons of things we pay for and enjoy are a bunch of bits. Songs, movies, books, video games and more. To some people a $220 weapon is as much enjoyment as a $220 pile of AAA movie titles to some others.
09/01/2012 02:17 AMPosted by JDip
lol @ people criticizing him for paying $220. Get out of the basement and get a real job. You spend less time to make that $220 than to manually farm for the gold.

Theoretically at least those people got the gold having fun in game instead of working the cash register at Joe's Burgers. But I guess thats probably not exactly truthful.

I dunno I see your point. However even though he didn't put the money in someone else did. I soloed Inferno Diablo in even crapp*er gear than I have now. Didn't pay more than 200K for any piece usually less than 100K. Even I sometimes think I've wasted my time going through basically the same content 4X. I think after I get to Inferno Ponies I'll move on till PvP. I don't see any point of grinding or spending real cashola far beyond what is actually necessary to unlock the content like some people do except maybe to pwn people on arena. And then congratulations you're the sucker than spent 500 dollars or 5000 hours to pwn ppl on arena. Aren't you special.
And once again we have to baby the masses. Unfortunately, Blizz can obviously not account for how stupid people will be. We need to just have a game where will email them what we want the char to do then they send us back what the outcome was.

I'm thinking if I spent that much on something I would be more carefully with it. Think about it. Do you throw your cell phone in the trash with everything else that is lying around or do you make sure that it stays out of the garbage. Most people's cell phones don't even cost $220.

You could have used the "Buy Back" feature that lets you buy it for the same price you sold it because of this exactly.
08/31/2012 11:43 PMPosted by Teztosterpwn
wow 220 dollars buys me gas for a month. . .

But it's more fun to spend it on entertainment.
Sucks to see you getting so much crap for this, OP. What you do with your money shouldn't concern anyone else. Besides, that's not even the point here.

It's an easy mistake to make without realizing that you've done it. I know all of my friends, including myself, have at one point accidentally swapped a piece of gear only to notice later, "this awful blue is not what I had equipped earlier." I catch it now when it does happen, but it's the fact that it does happen and it's easy to miss that could call for a simple UI addition that allows you to lock in your gear if you want, or something to that affect. They fixed accidentally swapping abilities, so why not gear? It's a simple change for a simple mistake. Not much else to it.
Slow down, thats all I can say. This game is not a race.

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