Fix the UI! $220 weapon accidentally sold

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08/31/2012 11:12 PMPosted by Agmo
You can buy back the items you've sold and the list will just scroll back through all of them. As you buy them back get to the one you miss sold and buy it back. then sell the others you didn't want back.

LOL at you buying a $220 weapon for this boring game, lol.

people are so terrible with money it's amazing.
08/31/2012 11:09 PMPosted by RedChief
So tonight the horrific happened. While identifying and selling a swath of rares, I right clicked once too often and accidentally switched the garbage mace i had just identified with my primary weapon axe I paid $220 for 2 months ago on the rmah. Oblivious to my mis-click, I sold the swath of crap ilvl 63 rares, my $220 axe included.

LMAOOOOOOOOO @ you , hahahahaha is what you get for "pay to win"

thxs i needed that :D ROFL
Would you like them to hold your willy for you too so you don't splash piss on yourself when you pee? You say its your fault but then you immediately blame blizzard for their UI design. Here is an idea, take half a second to make sure you aren't selling valuable loot before you hit that right click button.
No, he blamed blizzard, the thread title is, "Fix the UI!..." meaning OP feels Blizzard didn't make the UI correctly. He also says, "...That said, the UI should never have let me get in this situation." Meaning, yea, I screwed up, but Blizzard should have prevented me from being so stupid. This doesn't require a change in the UI, what it requires is OP to be more aware of what he is selling, by taking that extra half second to check what he is about to vendor before he vendors it.

Edit: I think the most acceptable middle ground solution here for those who don't carelessly vendor things and people who do then try to blame Blizzard, is for Blizzard to put in a mass ID feature so no one has to identify 20 rares one by one anymore.
09/01/2012 11:33 AMPosted by B501
About all i can do is farm act 1.But you see, My gear should be good enough to at least do act 3 inferno

you have 400 resist all.... check and mate

Those are raw stats with buffs i have between 600 and 700 resist all.
Lot of resentment and jealousy here...
That sucks dude. I respect that you accept responsibility, but I'm sure this isn't an isolated case of "stupidity", this is a flaw imo.. which would be a non-issue if the D3 developers had taken a clue from two incredibly basic, simple, and clean mechanics of D2:

1. Secondary weapon sets. You wouldn't have to open your inventory and right-click on an item to swap it out. You'd just have a whole 'nother set of items/weapons in a secondary configuration easily equipped with a hotkey. Like D2 did 14 years ago.

So they *could* remove the right-click-to-swap items dynamic, but I realize that people swap armor too, not just weapons. However, they could keep this dynamic if they follow #2:

2. As I mentioned in this post (, right-clicking to identify is fine if you're out in the field and want to see what dropped right away. Having to right-click-identify a whole inventory in town is one of the DUMBEST things in D3. When a game has a sequel you'd expect them to keep good things from the previous game, and Deckard Cain's identifying skill was definitely something they should have kept. Since they kill him off so quickly in D3, I suggest they give this power to the Healer in town (cuz who ever visits him anyway? Give him something to do!).

I suppose the Jeweler could do it too. Either way, get rid of this mind-numbing process!
OP, you really shouldn't have mentioned the $220. (Really, who cares?) But what's done is done.

However the UI does suck that multiple actions have the same key and can't be rebinded. OP can be bad AND the UI can be bad. Is that not that hard to understand? Perhaps you could have spent 20 less hours becoming epic in D3, and educated yourself on basic argumentation.

Also, lol@ you guys for chastising OP for being negligent. I'm sure you've never made any mistakes in this game due to negligence and have never clicked where you never intended.

Anyhow, simple workarounds are that the buyback list should be longer and should carry on to the next games for 30 minutes. Or let lock equipment slots in place.
lol $220. I was having a bad day and this made me laugh so hard. thanks OP
I think another problem that adds to the trouble is the tedium of just ID'ing the rares. We really need an ID'all NPC. I'm sure everyone would be willing to pay them 100g for this duty instead of wasting so much time.
09/01/2012 11:56 AMPosted by Drake
You are a childish idiot.

LMAOO @ you for a lame comment , can't come up with something better than that ? I think it is funny as hell that baddies who have to pay real $ to play such a easy game.i see you defending this scrub so you must be a baddie to.
This happened to me once, but luckily for me, it wasn't the end of my session.

I accidentally switched my weapon that was socketed with a 100% crit gem, sold everything and then went back to farming. I started realizing my mistake when I noticed that I was hardly doing any damage to the next mob I encountered.

So I went to the NPC merchant, bought my item back, and from the point onwards, always glanced at my DPS & stats at the end of a selling session to make sure I didn't accidentally switch gear.

And no, I'm not wearing that weapon now as I am presently wearing gear that has perfect MF and just farming Act 2 Normal looking for a level 17 legendary ring (Leoric's Signet) that gives from +20% to +30% experience. It's selling on the AH right now for 30M to 100M.
09/01/2012 02:31 AMPosted by Manif
Jeez, I can live for a month in Nepal with 220 bucks in my pocket...
most of the money goes back into the community. We all are lucky that Blizzard does not make most of the money on the items. They are really nice for having this service, a service i cant use because my account is not secure enough.

For all you know 180 of that whent to a gamer in need of money to pay his rent, to pay his insurence, Or to some one donating the money to charity.
Or just make a character than can Identify items for chu like in D2.

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