Fix the UI! $220 weapon accidentally sold

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I've done the same thing a couple times, usually late at night just before calling it quits and getting some sleep. Fortunately I realised something was wrong each time and bought the items back before logging out - dyes on armor saved my butt each time. I'd have been stuffed if it was an undyed item though.

Anyway, I'd rather see a little "lock" toggle button on the paper doll. When it's locked you can't switch gear, when it's unlocked you can switch it normally. It could even be three states - locked, locked at merchants, unlocked.

The second state should be plain enough, but just in case... Basically your paper doll is normally unlocked so you can merrily swap gear UNTIL you click on a merchant. At which point your paper doll locks and you can't swap gear until you close the merchant window.

Protecting people from accidents is only a bad idea if its mandatory.
I just did this with a nice belt. 278 str, 79 vit, 79 AR, and pickup radius. Spent a fair amount of gold for it. Not irreplaceable, but still pretty annoying. Also not blaming the game, but for those of you who laugh, wait until it happens to you. Doesn't hurt to have an option to lock your gear if you want. I don't think anyone is suggesting that the UI is broken, just suggesting ways to improve it.

Oh, and also, it would be nice if the buyback limit on items was equivalent to a stash full of items, not just 12. If you vendor your whole stash, then realise you lost an item (which is what happened to me), if it was one of the first 15 or so items you vendored, it will already be out of the buyback list. Pretty frustrating.
I would love it if the UI would have an option for "locking" currently equipped gear.

Yes, ultimately it is up to the user to be careful on what they are doing but on the other hand we are in an environment with a RMAH and Blizzard has taken the stance that item restorations will not be done.
Just sold my ring by accident doing the exact same thing. It didn't cost anywhere near as much money as the OP's weapon, but it is incredibly stupid of everyone to insult him over the fact. yes, I screwed up, but the ability to lock your equipment is an easily implemented fix that could help avoid this problem.
Insane..must be a good axe..
sad for your loss man.. be careful with this game especially when u used your real money next time man.goodluck
08/31/2012 11:09 PMPosted by RedChief
axe I paid $220 for 2 months ago on the rmah.
This would have never happened if good old Deckard Cain was still alive...

Because the huge problem is Cain died. Died. And no one is capable of identifying our loots.

See, that's the reason for killing off our prominent character. OP, sorry for your loss, I 100% support the drag to equip idea.

My friend vendor his bow and left game, to only realize his mistake a day later. He got ridiculed by me, so he's already 'punished'. Hopefully no more can fall for this UI design.

UI -> User Interface, there's not best UI in the world, but there's always room for improvement.
Why should ppl refuse to improve where there's one there waiting for us to improvise on.
They should really put a lock function to lock gear in place.

Well. Tbh. Even then, people will still make mistakes.
I can only say whoa.
why not just add a lock gear option? They did the same for skills to prevent the loss of NV stacks by accidently dragging a skill of the toolbar

Thats why the identify timer was 2 or so stop accidental double right click equip.....oh wait...i bet you were one of the ones who whined that it took too long to identify your crap.

Just identify stuff then inspect it when the vendor window is,open....that way if you have swapped gear the masses of green numbers should make you go hey thats an awesome bit of kit....oh wait thats my axe!!!.....phew

Green numbers always make me suspicious because it so hard to find upgrade via drops.
I did the same thing, vendored a 10mil wand and didnt even realize it.

the swap and identify are the same button. no lock feature. actually drag and drop requirement would have dealt with those MF swappers also
Just allow us to lock our gear already. I don't understand why this wasnt already done let alone on release.
We call this natural selection.

Only instead of thinning out the gene pool it thins out your wallet.
There's a lot of pages to this and I wasn't going to read through them all, but there is an easy way to not do what you did again. In one of the last patches they made it possible to identify items while in the vendor window. ID there and it is impossible to right click equip, you'll just end up selling the item on the second accidental right click.

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