Forked Lightning Build-1.0.4 -second thread

Hey James,

Any changes required for 1.05 for low budget / poor gear with 30k dps doing only MP1 (max 3) and will never make it to ? 60k dps??? Should we be switching Blizzard to Slow Time or Frost Nova? Or ditch blizzard and arcane hydra for Frost Nova and Frost Hydra?

I am more defensive play, so i might switch to galvanized ward. I think i will carry my wep with life leach for the reflects as per suggestions in this thread. I went from a knife to a sword with higher dmg, and i find it soooo much slower to attach, but monsters do "seem" to die faster. My next target when i get money is a ring that gives attack speed and Crit Dmg instead of Crit Dmg and Crit Chance.


I haven't played on the PTR, but from the looks of it, blizzard snare is going to be more effective in 1.0.5 (they are reducing the penalty to movespeed reduction from 40% to 25% in Inferno). That means blizzard will snare for 45% movespeed reduction instead of the current 36% in Inferno.

The other changes I will consider are:

-possibly ditch prismatic armor in favor of either ice armor - crystallize or energy armor - force armor. the nerf to prismatic armor will indeed force us to look at other options. storm armor may be a strong choice for well-geared wizards such as my softcore wiz.

-with buffs to snares and CC durations, we may be looking at a return to venom hydra, especially for lower DPS wizards who need that DPS boost.

If you went with a defensive build and high defense gear, do ditch illusionist in favor of galvanizing ward. That is what I've done on my hardcore wizard.
Anybody wanna suggest next upgrade? I finally passed the 100k barrier, so gonna have to save as upgrade costs are gonna be more and more..
I'm thinking witching hour belt is next best thing to look for
Anyone try storm armor - shocking aspect with this build? Seems like a good combo, but I dunno how badly the "Critical Hits have a chance" part hurts it.

I'm loving using scramble now that force armor was nerfed. With reflect damage packs you have a constant 25% movement speed!

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