The Wailing Host + Litany Set Rings Questions

So yesterday I found me a superrrr sexy set ring (the wailing host) best find of my game play of 250 hours! this ring is super cool! I have some money and looking to save up a bit more to buy the partner ring, Litany!! Has anyone ever seen the skeleton summon in game?? ANy ideas of what kinda damage health this skeleton has, or what he does? It seems really cool, does anyone have a video of this, cannot seem to find. Also Im looking to buy its partner ring if anyone has it, litany. One with All Resist + fire (or just AR) etc... whatya guys think of this ring!!! thanks

- PurpleHaze
not worth it. Get the Nat Ring + boots

may be better in the long run as you'd get a nice boost.

Litany is extremely overpriced right now and the set bonus isn't that great either

15gf/mf + 100 vita
I didn't even see the vit bonus for it, just 15mf/gf and a chance to summon a skeleton when attacking, :0

The skeleton seems rlly cool, but I don't know anytyhing bout it, cannot find videos of it either, :/

How much would nats ring cost me and boots?
Nice, grats PH.
Thanks Piffle! :)

We should do a run sometime, Ima add you up ingame later, ;)
if you do get the set, put it on your follower and tell us if they benefit from the set magic find bonus :D
I hear that that doesn't work unfrotunately ^
09/05/2012 11:49 AMPosted by PurpleHaze
I hear that that doesn't work unfrotunately ^

uuurgh well thanks :p
Yea Morionic is unfortunate

Anywyas, In regards to these rings I was checking some of the Nats rings and it looks like the only ones that would be more worth it to get then the Lintany would be the CC plus AS ones.. and those r 100 mill plus, don't have that kinda cash. Does the Nats have a just Crit Chance one, I was seeing a lot of just attack speeds, to loose the crit doesn't seem worth it.The Litany wold cost me 28-35 mill and the DPS is probably close to the nats without the double dip AS/CC bonus.
I am really digging my Litany/Wailing set. I got a Wailing Host with a hefty +dmg bonus, and my Litany has vit. Pretty rad. I had a better dps ring than the Litany, but the vit plus allres plus mf/gf/skeleton bonus was worth losing 3k dps.

I like the skeleton. He's a good distraction for enemies, although his damage is negligible.

Very cool! yea I like the parnter ring for the huge added resis (which will be helpful for sure) + vit + heavy dex and CC... and the mf/gf bonus is cool too.. and the skeleton i was rlly curious about. Do you know how to do a video by any chance? I would love to see the skeleton how it works, :0 also, how often would u say the skeleton spwans?

The rings r rlly cool IMHO
Ok so I have seen some post in regards to this and decided to give an update on it. I have also recently acquired the set and I do like them. Did about 5k dps boost and price overall for both of mine was around 25 mil. The skeleton does spawn all the time, you constantly have one up. I have even seen two of them up at once. And they deal about 12 k DMV per hit. The ranged summon smelly hits more often and melee just sits the all stupid like. The ants set with crit on ring would be better but compare my 25 mil for lt/wail set to 100+ mil for ants boot/ring.
thanks morbid for the info

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