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I have a new friend request, and every time I log on and try and click on the social tab, my game freezes up and I have to ctrl-alt-delete close it.

Not sure what this is and how to fix it.
Same issue, still no solution to be found yet.
v4p3r ,

What steps have you tried so far to fix it?
I am having the same issue, I have tried simple stuff like closing all other programs and stuff but it doesn't work. I can play the game for as long as I want, when I hit O or click the social tab diablo 3 freezes. I can still move the mouse but the game freezes and I have to forcequit. I am on an Asus laptop.
I have been having that same problem, I suppose there has not been a way to fix it since this is the only forum I found regarding the issue. It's becoming really annoying.

Create a support ticket or call in and and request your account have Real ID disabled and then re-enabled. I believe this resolves the problem you're having.

This article will lead you through the process.
Hey Omrakos, will disabling and re-enabling the real ID clear out my friends list? But you know, its cool you can take your time replying. Not like I need to play d3 til the other half comes out...
Same as well. I have an open ticket but blizzard can't seem to narrow it down either. I've uninstalled and re-installed with no luck. I even disabled all firewalls and anti-virus. I've had to send all my computer specs to the person working on my ticket but even they have no clue what's causing this. It only happened after 1.0.4. Let's hope blizzard can fix this soon!
I am having this same issue and it seems that Blizzard is not sure WTF to do... I have deleted everything to do with D3 on my computer and when I start from scratch this happens all over again. I'm going to have to set up a WoW account to see if that works like the above stated.
I'm having this same issue on a Mac. I'm running Diablo 1.07. It just started happening all of a sudden. I have removed all game files and preference files several times. I have deleted the files from /Users/Shared/ and anything else I can think of. It does not appear to be on my side. Hmmm that makes me think. I'll try to log in on my son's computer with my account. Will post when I figure out what it is.
Ok, there you go. I just tried to log into my account on his *working* DIII install on a completely separate computer. As soon as I click the social menu, a complete game freeze. I've declared this is a server side issue.
After MANY support ticket back-and-forths, I finally just called in to phone support. The woman on the phone suspected it was the realID account too. She deactivated realID, and the game still crashed when accessing the social tab.

BUT, oddly when she reactivated the realID account, it fixed the issue. She and I was both surprised, but relieved.

So for someone else having this issue, please try to remove the realID account, and then add it back on. Also, note, it does NOT remove friends added inside Diablo 3. It only removes people added by email or real name. (Of which I only had 1).
I have this exact same issue, but I have multiple (10+) real ID friends, and I do not wish to have them removed. Such an annoying bug. Sometimes i accidentally forget about it and will just crash my game in the middle of something.

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