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Demon Hunter
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I've been seeing alot of this thread here and i know this new one might seem abundant but the last threads like this are currently has alot of posts and is full of people suggestions which makes it hard to see people rates so here it is.

If you don't like the idea of a new "rate the ... above you" thread then just ignore this thread and leave.

Now rate me ^_^
you need more discipline and all resist and movement speed. overall very good though, 8/10
How's my build?
sweet dude, sup
hey guys, I need a little advice I seem to have a decent amount of dex but my dmg is so low and Im not really sure why?
@coolclarky you hardly have any crit damage and your weapon gems are low tier.
so more crit dmg more damage I will get? and yeah i know bout the gems they suck haha
@ Nick

Nice EHP and DPS!
@Norseman Your DH is naked...

Very nice dh, 8/10 :p that legacy nat is very nice!
@DIEU Not too bad. Need more HP though 5/10

You have some really good items but you need more vit imo and also a manti would be nice

6/10 your dh is on the right way

edit: I was late with this rate so I'll rate night as well


You have an awesome dh. The only thing I can say is that you should upgrade your gems.

Hi guys,

Pls rate my DH. I concentrated on Crit Chance and Crit Dmg.

Will like to know how to improve and hit the 200k dmg mark and yet maintain the survivability.

Thank You
@Norseman Your DH is naked...

The other one lol
@Slak3r: Thanks for the compliments, and for your case nice build up, my personal advice is to get a decent Memph . with that u can free up stats like Vit and resist all for you to get better gloves, (you no longer need vit and resist all on your gloves making it cheaper to get a high damage one)

At your current state upgrades do not come cheap, 6/10
how to improve from my build?

Guardian is only useful if you can face tank. I am afraid at ur def stat u cant do this in higher mp. You can replace it with bat, or boar

Very nice, wish i could find some gear with high vitality but so expensive :(
How's mine? Using bargain basement stuff I found in AH for around 200k each and found/traded for the rest but I cleared inferno solo with my setup no problem. Only times I died was because of stupid mistakes like accidentally hitting the wrong power and such.

I'm at 50k life and I tried to keep it simple by concentrating on survivability and DPS when searching for gear. Basically, I just drop the turret, hit shadow power/gloom and spam a bunch of NTs followed by my primary. The trick with elites is to get a second turret down as they do sick damage. I tanked Azmodan on inferno in around 30 secs. Between two turrets and alternating between NT and HA and using SP/Gloom-Guardian shield (turret), I barely took damage. Not sure how I would do with higher MP levels (new to me was away from the game a while).

Anyway, I want to start doing higher MPs now but I would appreciate any advice on how high I can go as is and what I need to go higher.

@Grimm: In the AH filter your search by picking the item you want, then select the attributes you want without putting in values. Then set the max buyout to 200k or whatever you are comfortable with and at first leave the quality set to "all". You will see a lot of stuff you can use. You can then refine the search by changing quality start with legendary and see what comes up. Then do the same for rare. Anything lower is useless. You will be very surprised at what you will find for under 200k. This is how i find most of my gear.
Rest of the natalya set might help. Also, really nice windorce, but a weap with a socket (for 100% crit) might be better.

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