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Comments, anyone?
Hmm, I think more critical hit damage. Try to upgrade your legs and chest. I've looked around and noticed a lot of people use either Inna's or Nat's or a combo of it.

How's my gear.

Also, one question: So is it actually possible to get both bonuses from Legacy Nats and NEW Nats at the same time, like the 7% critical chance from both pieces, since technically they are different sets.

You can get some cool upgrades for pretty cheap. You've got to get Lacuni Prowlers on your wrists, because they'll give you another +12% movement speed and some IAS as well. You should be able to see quite a bit more DPS from this upgrade for only 2-6m. Your belt could also get a serious boost from Inna's Favor for only about the same price. Other upgrades will probably start to get pretty expensive, but I'd like to see you get a big DPS boost from those items, and the Lacunis bringing you up to 24% MS will be a huge improvement.

To answer your question, yes you would get both CC bonuses from legacy/new Nat's if you had 2 of each. Many people go that route.

Also, I feel like your Vault rune should be Trail of Cinders, since your build is primarily geared to deal damage.

- If you're running through low MP levels, you'll want to focus active skills on dealing damage and get your movement speed from your gear and the Tactical Advantage passive. I recommend having at least 1 hatred spender that doesn't dump off your hatred quickly: Chakram (Shuriken Cloud), Sentry, Rain of Vengeance.
- If you're running mid-higher MP levels, you'll need to focus on survivability and have a strong combo of 2 hatred spenders that deal damage at a distance. A build that has worked well for me at MP 5-8 is: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#aQYgVk!efU!YcbYbc
@vitalmyth not bad set up no dps passives i see.low mp farm build? also since ur bracers have 4.5% cc not 6 might as well get a good strong arm bracer there pretty cheap nowadays
May as well let you guys get the scalpels out for mine!


Very well balanced DH, nothing much to check. Next upgrade will be costly already. You can start by an expensive ammy upgrade.
skiped me* upgrade ideas appreciated
Maybe get a cc nats gaze and get a witching hour.
cc + soc legacy nats helm is like 2b that i dont have

and as for belt the innas gives me 8% weap damage since calmity is black damage and i get the +130 dex set bonus.....idk ive thought about those too thx tho

Need to upgrade your DML 1st, look for something with 200+ stats and 17%+ ais dmls. Then probably go for a high dex strongarm and later recover your AR with an upgrade with your chest armor. And just continue upgrading the rest together with the gems. Overall quit balanced DH from where you are.
ThePwet very nice DH
maybe some more crit damage (perhaps on your ammy, though one with similar stats and more crit damage would be very expensive)
maybe consider a witching hour and a good ants cloak (for the set bonus)?

EDIT: have changed my wailing to a unity (7k more damage and 200 more armour, pretty much same dex and LoH)
12/04/2012 05:41 AMPosted by Raven
maybe some more crit damage (perhaps on your ammy, though one with similar stats and more crit damage would be very expensive)

I got a decent WH with 44 dex, 66 vit, 48 cd, and 9 ais. Found this Innas belt yesterday and boosted my dps for 5k, not to mention the +8% holy damage. I can really feel my new belt hits harder compare to my old WH with huge CD. This is still subject for change since I will be adding AR into my belt. Ammys good. Its pretty well balanced despite the 53%cd. A lot already offered a trade for this with massive upgrade on dps. But declined it coz its pretty hard to find LOH with this kind of stats on an ammy.

I already considered a Nats Cloack for my last upgrade. I will be loosing 56 AR, But will try it anyway Just for the sake of reaching 300k dps with WF. But the cloak I'm wearing now is still staying for serious business.
fair enough... wasn't sure at such high dps which would be better... but good to see you considered it ;p

Not sure I can hlp you with upgrade suggestions then... you seem to be very very very well balanced...but i sure could use some help (aside from the obvious of gems) =)

Nice setup. I think you might need more IAS especially on rings and amu's since you're using a manti although they're gonna cost. DML's with higher IAS would be good too and probably a higher Dex Nat's boots. Overall a very well balanced DH
12/04/2012 05:57 AMPosted by Raven
wasn't sure at such high dps which would be better.

What appears on paper is not always everything =). gl on your upgrades though.

Next to rate skip me and go for Electroclash.
@ electroclash....Pretty solid DH...9/10
@kain not much to say, its a well balanced dh and a very good dps even with a hand crossbow. i suggest witching hour for your next upgrade.
first of all i should not be the one giving advice here... but i will say that 30 dise seems like it might be kinda hard to work with guess just upgrading gems is all i could say.
Looking for suggestions as well, thanks!

** I know my danetta's spite sucks, but the 3% Life Steal is invaluable

very nice gear. hard to make any upgrades there for cheap but a witching hour with vit maybe. or get some different braces. solid rare of lacunis.

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