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12/27/2012 08:06 PMPosted by diablomk3
Do you ever die with such AR, HP and armor ? it is amazingly high defensive stat but how long does it take for you to kill things in MP4+ ? at least a higher DPS weapon please. nice DML by the way.

it is nearly impossible to kill anything. I'm doing this just for fun. I'm trying to reach number 2 or 3 on diabloprogress.com's EHP ranking. I'm currently # 5. My normal build is around 195k unbuffed dps, 650AR, 75Hp.
Just reached #3 with a few cheap gears. I think I can get to number two with a few Blackthorne's pieces but then I would have to make some serious investments (25m -100M a piece). Not sure if I want to do that since I'm just doing this just for fun.

Number 1 is impossible for me to reach. I'm almost 2million ehp behind.
12/27/2012 08:20 PMPosted by Destroyer
it is nearly impossible to kill anything. I'm doing this just for fun. I'm trying to reach number 2 or 3 on diabloprogress.com's EHP ranking. I'm currently # 5. My normal build is around 195k unbuffed dps, 650AR, 75Hp.

Ahh okies. I was wondering how the heck anything died =) That makes much more sense now!
Nice setup Tharkis. I think you could benefit from some lifesteal on your Manticore. Don't know what else to say.

Those lovely Trifecta's, that life steal double socket manticore, your equips are nice. Well some lil pet peeve stuff some players would say is your ice climbers don't have movespeed. Also your Unity is quite nice.
with very bad luck in getting high roll items I am kind of stuck here. too poor to upgrade

really nice armor and AR, but is vitality a little low consider you also has only 30Dis.

Great dps, lots of life, great overall build. Would like to see a bit more resistances, but still great build!
@TheFinisher ... u need new bracers and gloves, then a new dead mans, cheap these days... 6.5/10
Need more cc but what else?
@BowJangles You should really get a socketed bow.
My god Nick, I don't even know what to say about your gear except that I am so jelly that there's not enough of it in the world to supply the required amount. I guess I desire your Manticore the most.

Edited to add that I guess you could always try to go for a bit more cd on the WH while keeping the same mitigation. Please don't laugh cause that's all I got.
@snickerers I have the same thing to say about your gear, unlike yours mine requires multiple gear upgrades (so advice would help) for you i feel like its all about getting closer to perfecting your items. A manticore with 2 sockets would be hot =).

First and foremost I would concentrate on finishing your nat's set and upgrading gems. After that a lot of you items are pretty low on dex and could use some boosting (much like me!) but yeah for the quickest boost gems and nats will help while costing the least I would say... probably just a few mill.

oh and @ Nick...

@ducs nice way of getting both 7% bonuses without sacrificing the disc regen. I guess the biggest priority is to try to get more AR and a socketed Gaze. Socketed Gazes aren't too expensive now, so it'd be a good investment to make the paragon levels go by faster if you're interested in that. Of course you'd be wearing a Hellfire if you were interested in paragon leveling I guess. Or you can stick an amethyst in it to get more life. The cheapest upgrade is probably a belt with AR even if you do sacrifice some of the vitality from it.

Thanks =) I've been lookin' for a socketed gaze but most of them I've seen lately are like 50+mil. If I could get that I could sacrifice a lot of vit off of my belt and go for straight up dex and AR. But yeah, looking at your stuff, if i could get similar gloves, shoulders, and head I would be rockin. =) oh yeah and did I mention... I LOVE your gloves.
@ducs, stop using sharpshooter man, that's for people lvling to 60... and u need all new gear, you NEED crit chance, SS does not provide that.
@BucketSmoke you can def get more dex AND vit out of Inna's pants, possibly switch out Andariel's for a 5%CC+ mempo, get a 2-socket manticore with over 85% CD (and 1300 DPS), also switch out Inna's belt for a witchign hour and get a nat's ring with similar stats to your right ring(or better) so you don't lose the 130 dex. While those are all insanely expensive upgrades, your gear is godly enough as it is, so that's what I got for you. Other slots will be very minor upgrades in comparison, so I will skip them.


What else would I use instead of SS? I don't need disc regen since I have nats... In higher mp's I survive just fine and all the other passives are all survivability skills other than steady aim which I don't care for. Tactical Adv is nice and all, but I do fine without it with infinite tumble seeing as I have perma disc.

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