World, I Challenge you! ~Random HC Challenge!

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I'm game

Female Barb named Aliuvial (you can call her Ali for short)!Zea!cZbZba

Happy Hunting
Looks like I'm making another female monk, this time named Kassina with the following skills.!eWX!aacbac

Do I have to have thes skills in this order on my skill bar? I'd prefer to shift it around.
This sounds awesome! And since I just lost my hardcore barb (my first true death in D3 since my monk bought it in a disconnect) I'm ready to start a new character!

I drew Male Monk named Cruendithas Shortankard (I'll probably drop the second name). Perfect since I wanted to start another monk anyway. Although not with these skills....!geV!aZZacc
I love how it gave me combination strike, but only one spirit generator. lol. Oh well I probably won't make it to lvl 50 anyway without serenity.
Female Wizard with the name of Alithyra Darksbane

I got quite lucky with the build as well, its almost too good but I'll sure be having fun with this build!gaX!cabYYa
I've accepted the Challenge.
have to use this build for a female WD named Hollycaryn!aWZ!bcYcZb
This will be.. interesting.

Male DH!feW!cbcYbY

I'm curious though.. you can use skills before their rune unlocks, but can you use any other rune before it? I.e. This build has hungering arrow with Spray of Teeth.. I'm assuming I can only use a runeless HA until SoT unlocks. That's how I'm playing it anyway.

I also think it will be more fun/challenging to do self found only.
Zinnadove, female Wizard!Udf!YaaaZa

Not too happy I got wizard but at least my randomized skills look pretty good. Should be able to make it pretty far if I can get through 1-7 with no skills and 8-14 with only diamond skin. This won't exactly be fun, but it will be scary :)

Died at level 12 with only Diamond Skin and auto attacks. Walked into Leoric's mansion to fight the big group and didn't properly kite them. Got encircled and killed. Time for round 2.
Name: Breaga
Sex: Female
Class: Monk

Is gonna be hard XD I don't get my spirit generator skill until level... 15 lol XD
Name: Darmorel (Mongothsbeard)

Female Demon Hunter

Build -!bfX!YbbaZc

Should be interesting... we'll see how this goes.
Name: Krisella Swordhand
Female Wizard

Build -!YfU!acbbbc

Seems pretty decent actually, though Glass Cannon might hurt.
Caremita, Female Witch Doctor!fca!cccYbY

Never played HC but this sounds really fun.

What about followers? Do we randomize those too along with their skills?
This sounds like fun. Going to create my character once I get home from work today:

Name: Jamgretor Armorsmith
Male Demon Hunter!hea!YbcacY

I actually feel like I lucked out since my main on SC is a DH and the build that I got is pretty good for surviving considering it being randomly generated!
Will there be a thread to post our fallen heroes to?

Name: Yve
Gender: Female
Class: Wizard

A bit modified, the build could maybe work, lol
So, I haven't played D3 in awhile but this looked fun.

Name: Ravanys Glimmergaunt
Sex: F
Class: DH

Will be doing self found. should be a blast. also. MP 8 !

Good call Snolf, I as well did that, got 8 also.

Edit: Update... getting to lv 3 took forever on mp8 >.> even then it did help i found no bow until about lv 6? went through 3 purple names (not quest) 150+ hp and only attacking for 3? was rough lol but so far so good...just got the crown at lv 11 feel like im making good progress, i picked up and sold every white upto cain to extra gold and was luck to get keep/wounding at the ring vendor it helped so much.

I got Ololamin Tarmikos, Male Wizard. (Dropping the last name, because it is too long and there are no spaces in the character creator.)


Here we go!

Oh, I forgot to say, I added a little more challenge by using the Afore mentioned random number generator to choose a Monster Power level. I got 8 :D
I like that MP idea Snolf. now with even more fun :D
This sounds fun... count me in!

Dardiana Swordsteel
Female Monk

Glad you guys like it!
D3 has gone Nuzlocke now *shot*

Anyways, I might do it, but all 10 slots are already full for me :(

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