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Witch Doctor - Male - Uerthe!aVY!abaaac

I got monster level 9 - Not played this game in a long long time but I thought what the hell it will be a laugh.
I saw this post and thought "Hey, this looks like fun!"
Feeling lucky already, got Zanven Wyvernjack the Arcane Archer (title works well since I got Demon Hunter as my class)

skills are kind of odd... although I don't really play demon hunter too much so I can't properly tell

Hell better watch itself now!
Name : Olofalcon the Shadowdancer

Class: Wizard

so this is what d3 has come to?
Name : Norroar Bearcharger ... so just Norroar

Class: WD


P.S. can i team up at the start with someone in public game, who might not with this challenge ?

Got sacrifice, but no dogs. useless skill :D
Name: Tryane
Class: Monk
Gender: Female
This is the name and gender generated:
Yentumal Woodsoul
(Male Elf Arcane Archer)

Now guess what did spit out... yeap I have to run a DH. Never played for a DH before, let's see how it goes.

My build:!fgY!bbbYaZ

Grenadier passive made me LOL.

Slain on level 12 by a Wood wraith poison cloud - thought what would happen if i run through it :D - i guess now I know...

Let's see what my next build will be :)
I did something interesting like this in SC back in D2 for the Eastern Sun mod, and I like the idea here. Let's see...

Name: Sarah
Female Wizard

Electrocute works nicely with Paralysis, and Unstable Anomaly is nice provided I live that long. Same with Blood Magic, and I've never tried out Energy Twister, so...let's see how this goes.
Name : Graendithas Runehouse
Male Barbarian
Skills :!ghS!caabYY

All good skills, all terrible runes. So muh dodge. Passives could be a lot better.
Name: Loracaryn Pegason - AKA Loracaryn the Rogue
Female Barbarian
Skills :!eUb!ZZZbac
Companion: Templar

Seems like fun, we'll see what happens :)

Loracaryn the Rogue's Journal:

Day 1: The small town I've wandered into is under attack by their own dead. Life is difficult with no skills to use in combat and the risen undead in this unholy land seem 10 times more powerful than anything I've encountered on my previous journeys. I practiced enough now that I feel comfortable using a cleave technique that my master showed to me. I have no gold to my name and my healing aids have been used up by the unusually strong monsters so I have decided to take a rest at the local tavern.

Day 2: A curious portal is outside the tavern. I have never been one to shy away from the unknown so I entered it. Interestingly enough I was back where I was yesterday. Perhaps I've learned how to combat these monsters because the undead seem weaker now but still at least 3 times more powerful than anything that I've ever encountered (prior to yesterday). Since I have no gold, I have been looking for something to protect myself outside of town. I found some basic clothing yesterday that will allow for some protection but I still need more.

While looking for armor and better weapons, I accidentally got myself into a tight spot. The portal that brought me here had vanished and the damage that I took from a few of those wretched mothers left me near death. I was looking for anything that might help me without actually engaging anything in combat when I came upon a chest that had a very nice dagger inside. I felt that this weapon would allow me to kill some of the slower weaker undead creatures fast enough that I wouldn't take further damage. Fortunately, I was right! I actually walked out of the area stronger than I was before, I'd say I am now a comparable fighter to those that are level 4 in my masters training system and decided that a basic version of the Ground Stomp technique will keep me alive even if I'm not that good at it yet.

First Magical Item: I encountered the ruins on an old smith's shop this afternoon. I decided that if anything useable was left there it had a good chance to be better than anything I was currently using. Among the rust and splitters I found a simple yet pristine club which didn't seem special at first but I soon realized that it could actually sap the life energy out of enemies and transfer it to myself.

Day 3: I rested in town before making the trek up to the old Cathedral. The evil I am encountering is getting thicker by the minute so I practiced a technique known as Rend with a fellow named Nek while I was back in New Tristram. I feel confident that I will soon use this skill in combat.

First Blue Elite Pack:] Almost immediately upon entering the Cathedral a number of bats teleported on top of me. Not the most difficult of a challenge so I finished the last one off in style with a rending blow. My master would be proud and likely consider me to be a level 5 combatant.

First Treasure Goblin: After making my way through the first level of the Cathedral, I could hear an old man's muffled words behind a door to what seemed to be a marvelous room. I thought to myself that, "I may have just found Deckard Cain." Standing in front of the door that I wished to pass through was a curious creature holding an enormous backpack. The little creature seemed harmless enough, but cursed at me in such a way that I was blinded by rage. I drove my axe into it's skull with a seeming lack of control. When my head cleared I was standing on a pile of treasure and a stronger pair of gloves than what I was currently wearing. After putting on the gloves I could tell they were enchanted. I felt ... wider... "I wonder if these gloves make me look fat?"

Sure enough Deckard was on the other side of the door. After a rigorous fight Deckard led me through a secret passageway and I went back to New Tristram with him and called it a day.
Looks like fun. Going to give this a try.

Name: Sanala
Gender: Female
Class: Witch Doctor!bda!cacaac
name: akassa
female witch doctor

i guess it will be hard to start with these skills
Name: Zangeon
Class: Barbarian
Sex: Male

I will be using the following skills I've picked up along the way:!ShW!aZZaYb

This is gonna be fun, I got a weapon throw barb lol go go random generators! Anyone and Everyone feel free to add me, lets make this a community challenge!
Sweet idea!

I'd have a go if I had not already used up my 10 slots.

They should have coded this into the game so it unlocks your random skill as you gain it and keeps a separate account for gold collected by this character... and maybe add in a bonus xp gain to not make it too tedious.
Name: Stoella Milltall
Sex: Female
Class: Demon Hunter
My random toon is:

Name: Zyneste
Gender: Female
Class: Wizard!bVT!acYaZY

I just love the fact that my secondary skill is not available until level 21... thanks RND

Edit: MP1
This looks fun, i've never made a male character before.


Male Wizzard!UcZ!YZZYbc

lol died at act 1 butcher, i can't play wizards very well they're so fragile and immobile.
Round 2: After my Wizard's trek to level 12 with only Diamond Skin and her wand, an ambush at Leoric's mansion fell her. Now a new hero arises:

Ellamin, Male Witch Doctor!gbU!ZcZZbZ

Luckily, I got Sacrifice AND Zombie dogs, rather than 1 or the other. Not a big fan of spider queen, but it's okay and will work with vision quest. Overall, the setup is pretty decent. Hoping to actually make it far this time.
Norneiros Moonshadow Male Demonhunter My first ever HC toon.!fXb!aYcbbb

Luckily, I think I can make that work.

Edit#1: Killing the skeleton king with nothing but basic attacks was terrible. . . . and fun. Thankfully I'll never have to repeat that particular party.

Edit#2: Just downed Mahgda with grenades and basic attacks. A one second Smokesceen is actually hideously useful when you're forced to rely on it for EVERYTHING related to not dying. Will keep the updates coming.

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